Why a Car Title Loan is Better Than a Payday Loan

Payday Loans If you are one of the millions of Floridians who are struggling to make ends meet, you may be considering some type of loan. There are two main types of loans you can get if you don’t have good credit: a car title loan and a payday loan. Many people lump these two loan types together, but the truth is, they are very different. [continue reading…]

Alternative Options When You are Facing Foreclosure

Protect Your Home For the past several years, the mortgage crisis has dominated the daily news cycle. Millions have lost their homes in the past decade or so and even today, though the economy is on an upswing, people are facing foreclosure. Foreclosure can definitely affect your credit future and can stop you from being able to buy a house for years to come. However, there are some alternatives when you are facing foreclosure that can not only save your credit, they can save your home, as well. [continue reading…]

Credit Card Trap Most people throughout Florida, when they use their credit cards, can easily put themselves into debt if they don’t reel in their use of credit cards. People tend to get into trouble with credit because they are so easy and convenient to use. Sometimes, people will even have an issue thinking of credit cards as “real money”, that is, until they get the bill. There is, fortunately, a way to use credit cards without putting yourself into debt.  Here is some more information: [continue reading…]

Pros and Cons to Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation If you are like many Floridians, debt may have gotten out of control and you may think that debt consolidation is the way to go. The truth is, though there are certainly pros to debt consolidation, there are also cons. By understanding the pros and cons of debt consolidation, you can easily find out if this is for you. [continue reading…]

Don’t Max Out Your Credit Cards: There is Another Way

Credit Card Burden If you have credit cards, you know that it can be tempting to use them…especially if you have unexpected expenses or dealing with medical bills, major home repairs or even legal fees. However, maxing out your credit cards can be a very bad idea and could affect your credit score for many years to come. Most people assume, when they have credit cards, that if they max out their cards they can pay them back…unfortunately this isn’t the case for many, as something always seems to come up. [continue reading…]

Steps to Take in a Financial Emergency

Financial Rescue You never know when a financial emergency may come up and because of this, most people simply are not prepared. So, what if a financial emergency occurs?  What should you do? The first thing that you should remember is it is important to gain control of the situation as quickly as possible. Remember, though you may not be able to control the circumstances causing this financial setback, you can certain control your reaction to it. Here are some steps to take when a financial emergency occurs: [continue reading…]

The Wrong Attitude Will Lead to Big Problems

Man With Attitude You may not realize it today, but if you have the wrong attitude about money, it could be leading you down a bad path when it comes to your finances. It is fairly common for Floridians to have these dangerous attitudes, but when it comes down to it, the sooner you change the attitude you have about money, the better off you will be. If you find yourself having these attitudes about money, it may be a red flag for you. [continue reading…]

Belt Tightening Many Floridians, perhaps even yourself, feel that they simply don’t have the financial freedom they believe they deserve. However, as with anything, financial freedom isn’t really free. You will actually have to work for it. One way to find financial freedom is to start being a bit more frugal. This doesn’t mean that you should not spend any money on “extras”, it simply means you need to be smart about the money you spend. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this: [continue reading…]

Savings Nestegg Many people these days have some type of 401K through their job, some others may have one voluntarily. When cash is tight and you need money, for many Floridians, one of the first thoughts they have is to borrow from their 401K. Though it is true that you will get the money you need, there are some things that you need to keep in mind before doing this. [continue reading…]

5 Different Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Credit Score If you are like many other Floridians, you may have a credit score that isn’t at a level where it should be. Many things can cause a credit score to fall including late payments, unemployment, medical bills, too many inquiries, and bankruptcies. All of these things together can cause your credit score to slip and once it falls, it can be difficult to bring back up again. However, there are some things you can do to raise that credit score, for good. [continue reading…]