Why Your Car Title Is So Important

There is only one thing that proves that you own your vehicle and it is not your good word or the fact that you have the keys. Your car title is the document that shows you are indeed the owner. That is why it is paramount to take good care and keep track of it at all times. Losing a car title can lead to some serious headaches. Getting a car title replaced can be a nightmare. You should keep the title somewhere safe with other valuable items in your home. If you do have a safe, that may be the best place to keep it. [continue reading…]

Why Your Vehicle’s Title and Registration Are Important

As the owner of a vehicle, you are surely aware of a certain number of documents that come with that ownership. There is the vehicle title, its registration, proof of insurance, and your driver’s license. All of these papers are important, and you should care for each in a certain way. Some of your documentation should be kept with you and ride in your vehicle with you. Others should not. [continue reading…]

Preparing to Sell Your Car

When looking to sell your car, you want to receive as much as possible for it. You can do so by properly preparing it for sale. Just as you would try and make a good first impression on a job interview or when meeting someone for the first time, your vehicle should do the same. You should try and make the car or truck look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Here’s what you can do. [continue reading…]

Can I Refinance My Car?

Loan It is one of the elements of what many know as the American Dream – car ownership. For most, owning a car means borrowing money and carrying an auto loan. Just as someone can refinance a home mortgage, it is possible to refinance a car loan as well. Car refinancing is not for everyone, and there are a few cases where a person’s car disqualifies them from doing so. If you are the owner of any of the following, you cannot refinance your auto loan. [continue reading…]

Buying or Selling a Vehicle with a Lien on the Title

Title Loans Buying or selling a car that has a lien on the title can be very tricky. The lien on the title entitles the lien holder to take possession of the vehicle if the lien has not been paid. Anytime there is a lien on a title; there is a question of ownership. The lien holder still has a vested interest in the property. This is why buying or selling anything with a lien on it becomes difficult. If there is an active lien on a vehicle that you wish to buy, sell, or use as collateral for a loan, here are some things you should do first. [continue reading…]

How to Check a Car Title History

Car Title When you purchase a vehicle, you will take ownership of it and the proof that you do in fact own the car or truck is provided by the vehicle’s title. A title is a certificate that establishes ownership. Normally, titles are issued by a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation. Before buying a new vehicle, you should check the title’s history to ensure that you are not purchasing something that will give you [continue reading…]

Summer Fun on a Budget

Tightrope_walking Summer is always a great time of year. School is out, the weather is great, and there are plenty of things to do. The summer is a great time to relax and recharge, but sometimes that can get boring. Many of the summer activities that you would like to take part in just simply cost too much. If your budget is tight this year, here are some things you can do to [continue reading…]