How a Car Title Loan Can Help You in 2016

Type-of-Loan As 2016 begins, we know that anything is possible in the New Year. If you are like most Americans, you have some credit card debt and could benefit from having it paid off as quickly as possible. There is a unique way to do so that could have you debt-free in a [continue reading…]

The Fundamentals of Loans and Borrowing

Guide At some point in your lifetime, you will find it necessary to borrow money. It may be to finance a car, a house, or your college education. Even though most people do borrow money at some point in their lives, they most likely do not understand even the basics of loans and how they work. [continue reading…]

The Differences between Car Title, Personal, and Payday Loans

2nd-job1 In the world of short term loans, most people are unaware of the differences between the different types. Personal loans, car title loans, and payday loans all have their advantages and disadvantages. People looking for emergency cash solutions often do not take the time to understand the differences between the three. [continue reading…]

The Best And The Worst Of Car Title Loans

dos-and-donts Car title loans have become a popular method of borrowing over the past few years as traditional lending standards have tightened. A car title loan is a secured loan where a vehicle is used as collateral. Title loans have been hailed as a solution for [continue reading…]

What You Need To Know About Your Car Title

Idea Other than a home or some very expensive jewelry, the most expensive items that you will own in your lifetime will be vehicles. When you purchase a car or truck, you receive a document issued by your state of residence that establishes ownership of the vehicle. This is the title. Your car title is a very important document. It proves that you, indeed, are the owner. [continue reading…]

Car Title Loans – The Good & The Bad

Choose The housing and debt crisis of the late 2000s left the American economy weaker than it had been in years prior. Thousands of businesses, including banks, failed leaving many wondering how they would borrow should they need to do so. In recent years, the car title loan has become more popular as an alternative to the conventional types of loans offered by traditional financial institutions. Like any loan product, [continue reading…]

Getting Your Car Title Back From A Title Loan Company

Car-Collatoral If you have taken out a car title loan, you have turned over the title to your vehicle to your lender in exchange for receiving your money. The car title loan was a very quick and easy way to access cash for whatever reason. What do you do when the loan is paid off? There is a real simple process to follow to make sure that you regain your vehicle’s title. [continue reading…]

How Do I Qualify For A Personal Loan?

What is title loan When you need cash, one of your options is a personal loan. A personal loan can be used to pay off more expensive credit card debt, debt consolidation, a vacation, business needs, a wedding, and much more. If you have a good credit score and good credit history, you can most likely qualify for a personal loan. [continue reading…]

How Much Can I Borrow With A Car Title Loan?

Fast-Money If you need money quickly, one of the easiest ways to access it is through the use of a car title loan. There are certain criteria that you must meet, but a car title loan can get you the money you need within a day or two. How much you can borrow largely depends upon your vehicle and upon the title loan company with which you choose to do business. [continue reading…]

How To Get Your Car Title Back After Paying Off A Title Loan

shop for car title loan To help pay the bills, you took out a car title loan. Now that your financial picture has improved, you have paid off the loan. What you would really like now is to get the original title to your vehicle. How do you go about doing so? [continue reading…]

Finding A Car Title Loan Company

Finding a company Car title loans are becoming more popular these days as individuals search for alternative methods of borrowing money. Conventional loans are often too hard to obtain due to stringent lending requirements. The average person will find it much harder these days to borrow from a bank or credit union. [continue reading…]

How To Check A Car Title History

Checking History When you purchase a vehicle from a dealer or even a private party, you should receive a certificate of ownership, also known as the vehicle’s title. Car titles are official documents that prove ownership of property, in this case cars. Vehicle titles are issued by a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. [continue reading…]

Start Your Own Business With A Car Title Loan

Starting a Business If you have always wanted to start a business but hesitated because you do not know where to get the money to do so, you need to become familiar with car title loans. A car title loan is a very fast and easy way to access cash that could be used to help you take advantage of a new business opportunity. [continue reading…]

Easier Lending In 2015

easier Finally, 2015 will mark the first year in a long time that borrowers will find it a little easier to obtain a loan. For the past several years, financial institutions have tightened their lending standards due to the after effects of the financial crisis that began in 2008. Now, many of those restrictions have been eased somewhat as we head into 2015. [continue reading…]

The Importance Of Car Title Loans

Important Through the years, most individuals and families have been able to access needed funds by going to their financial institution and taking out a loan. Home loans, car loans, student loans, and others used to be easily accessible for most people up until the credit crunch that occurred in 2008. The ensuing financial crisis led lenders to tighten up their requirements [continue reading…]

The Basics of Car Title Loans

Basics The economic conditions of the past six or seven years have led to some changes in the lending industry. After the housing bubble burst around 2008, financial institutions began tightening up their lending standards. Those who could have qualified for just about any loan offered found themselves as credit risks and unable to borrow [continue reading…]

How To Qualify For A Car Title Loan

Qualify Unlike more conventional loans from a bank or a credit union, a car title loan is based more on qualifications than explanations. Banks will ask potential borrowers why they need a loan and how the money will be used. Auto title lenders are not concerned so much with why the money is needed, [continue reading…]

Welcome to Embassy Loans

From everyone on the Embassy Loans team, we want to welcome you to our blog.  We hope that you will find some really useful information here, and get a view into what makes Embassy a different kind of title loan company.   [continue reading…]