Using A Title Loan to Pay for Hidden College Costs

Textbooks Higher education is a highly sought after qualification for just about all young adults nowadays. Unfortunately, as time has gone on, the costs associated with a college education have increased. It’s a far cry from 20 or 30 years ago, where one could pay for their education by holding down an extra job. Even if you’ve been able to receive some form of financial aid or school loan, there are hidden college costs beyond tuition that can throw a wrench into you or your child’s college plans. [continue reading…]

Short on Funds for Your College Textbooks? Use a Car Title Loan

College Books As everyone knows, college tuition costs continue to rise. While scholarships and financial aid can help to offset tuition and room and board, there are still many other costs that the typical college student incurs. One of those is textbooks.


A textbook for a college chemistry course can cost [continue reading…]

How To Get Help Paying For College

College If you are a college student, you are probably aware that there are numerous student loan programs available to help you pay for your education. But what happens when all of your grants, scholarships, and loans do not cover the entire cost of going to school? When you need a few thousand dollars more to make it through the school [continue reading…]

Back To School On A Budget

Back to School As the summer starts to fade, it will soon be back to school time, and parents everywhere will be scrambling to make sure their little ones are prepared with all of the necessary school supplies, clothes, and shoes for the new school year. The key to pulling off a successful back to school season [continue reading…]

Use a Car Title Loan to Pay for Your College Books

College Books There is no doubt about it…college is expensive…and even after you pay for your tuition and fees, there are still books to buy. If you have ever had to buy college text books before, you know that one book…just one…can be well over $100. Multiply that by the number of classes you are taking and the number of semesters you will attend and that can add up to $1000s over the course of your college career. Most people in Florida, especially college students, simply don’t have that type of money available. Instead, they will need to rely on some type of loan. [continue reading…]