Steps to Improving Your Financial Freedom in 2017

If you are like many Americans these days, you dream about financial independence. You long to abandon the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and live a life free of worry about how you will provide for yourself and your family. It is possible to live this way if you have a plan and the discipline to stay it. Here are four easy steps to finding financial freedom in 2017. [continue reading…]

How to Alleviate Financial Stress

One of the biggest worries that people have is in dealing with their finances. Will they have enough money to pay the bills this month? If you are overwhelmed with financial stress, you need to get a handle on it and live a more comfortable life. Here are several things you can do to rid yourself of stress related to finances. [continue reading…]

Finding Money in Unexpected Places

Everybody on earth would like to be able to reach into their pockets during financially stressful moments and magically find heaps of cash just sitting there, but if this is your strategy for emergencies, then you’re going to be in trouble. Nobody ever got themselves out of the red with money they found inside an old coat or lying behind a couch cushion. [continue reading…]

Can I Keep My Car If I File Bankruptcy?

The Law It is a bold step to take, but sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the best move a person can make. Doing so can bring one out of financial ruin and put them on the road to recovery. A frequent question among those filing for bankruptcy concerns their vehicle. Can a car be kept if a person files for bankruptcy? The answer to this issue depends on many factors. [continue reading…]

Why Your Car Is Your Biggest Treasure

When you bought your vehicle, you probably never thought that it could become the one thing that could save you in a time of need. Sure, your car provides you with freedom, mobility, and a sense of pride, but it can also bail you out of a financial emergency. Here’s how. [continue reading…]

Building a Monthly Budget to Avoid Financial Crisis

Budgeting Looking to get a grip on your financial well-being? It all starts with a budget that you and your family can follow from month to month. Putting together a budget can help you get control of your spending and keep you prepared in case of a financial emergency. Follow these easy steps to stay on top of your finances. [continue reading…]

Year-End Tax Tips to Maximize Your Refund

Owe IRS The time is upon us. Tax season is in full swing and millions of Americans are looking at how they can avoid paying more than they owe or even looking at how to boost their refunds. There are a number of things that anyone can do to try and reduce their tax liability. Here’s a look. [continue reading…]

Should I Use a Credit Card Cash Advance?

understanding-debt There are plenty of times when you end up in a situation where using a credit card is not possible. It may be as simple as your local farmer’s market, or it could [continue reading…]

So You Have Questions about Your Title Loan?

What-is-title-loan As you searched the Internet about how you were going to handle your financial obligations next month, you came across car title loans. You have done extensive research and you are ready to pull the trigger. [continue reading…]

Ways to Get Money When You’re Unemployed

Turn_Around_Your_Finances Unemployment is often an exercise in restraint, as you have limited funds to take care of necessary bills and payments. However, regardless of the amount of restraint you show when it comes to those extra expenses, some emergencies may come up that make spending money inevitable. [continue reading…]

Thinking About Saving Money? Here’s How

Save-Money If you are not, you should be thinking about how to save money. Too many people are unprepared for emergency situations and get themselves into financial difficulty by not having the savings necessary to get them through a tough time. If you have been thinking [continue reading…]

Why Car Title Loans?

How-to-Qualify Car title loans are becoming a more popular method of borrowing for many consumers across the nation. These types of loans are easier to obtain than most conventional loans for those who do qualify. Because of the ease of approval and the speed with [continue reading…]

No Credit Loan Options

Stress If you happen to be one of the many people across America suffering the effects of a low or nonexistent credit score, you understand how difficult it is to obtain a traditional loan. Borrowing money from banks and credit unions is harder than ever these days. Still, there are a few options for those of you who have no or poor credit. [continue reading…]

Assessing Your Options for Quick Money Without Credit

Fast-Cash Not having credit can be incredibly detrimental, especially when you find yourself in a situation where you are in need of a loan of some kind. Credit is essentially your way of proving that you’re financially responsible enough to pay back the money that you owe someone. Having no credit or bad credit means that formal institutions, [continue reading…]

The Value of a Car Title Loan

Cars-Value If you have tried to get a conventional loan recently, you are aware that standards have changed since the financial crisis that affected the nation in the late 2000s. As a result, alternative loans such as car title loans have become more popular. An auto title loan is one that is secured by a vehicle. As a result, the processing of the loan is much different. [continue reading…]

What You Need To Know About Your Car Title

Idea Other than a home or some very expensive jewelry, the most expensive items that you will own in your lifetime will be vehicles. When you purchase a car or truck, you receive a document issued by your state of residence that establishes ownership of the vehicle. This is the title. Your car title is a very important document. It proves that you, indeed, are the owner. [continue reading…]

How A Car Title Loan Can Improve Your Finances

Save Money If you are like many households these days, you still struggle to meet your monthly financial obligations. When a financial emergency arises, you have to scramble and figure out how to come up with the funds necessary to pay for it. One way is by using a car title loan. Using a vehicle as collateral, you can take out a loan that can drastically improve your financial situation. [continue reading…]

What You Need To Know About Loans And Bankruptcy

Debt Filing for bankruptcy can be a very trying time for anyone. Those who file usually have suffered a severe financial setback that is typically the result of something such as a divorce or a large medical expense. The whole process is emotional and difficult. What most who go through the process do not understand is how their debts are discharged. This is especially true of loans. [continue reading…]

Money Saving Myths

Myths There are really only two things that you can do with your money. You either spend it or you save it. Whether you put it in a bank or a coffee can, if you are not spending it you are saving it. Most people try to save money but are unsure of how to best go about it. [continue reading…]

Tips For Homeowners Who Cannot Make Their Mortgage Payments

Tips for Homeowners One of life’s biggest stresses is struggling financially to make ends meet each month. Usually, a homeowner’s largest monthly bill is the mortgage payment. What happens when a person cannot make that payment? The mortgage company reserves the right to take possession of a home when payments are not made. Most homeowners want to prevent that from happening but may not know what options they may have. [continue reading…]