No Credit Loan Options

Stress If you happen to be one of the many people across America suffering the effects of a low or nonexistent credit score, you understand how difficult it is to obtain a traditional loan. Borrowing money from banks and credit unions is harder than ever these days. Still, there are a few options for those of you who have no or poor credit.


  • Borrow from family or friends

One of the first things you can attempt is to borrow from family members or close friends. This is one way to avoid a credit check. The problem with this type of loan is that most do not treat it as a business transaction. If you choose this option, do it the right way and make sure both parties understand the terms of the transaction and sign an agreement.


  • Payday loans

If you have a job, you can visit a payday lender who will advance you your next paycheck. This is a short-term solution that typically involves small dollar amounts up to around $1,000. These types of loans are usually accompanied by high interest rates because there is no collateral to secure them.


  • Home equity line of credit

As a homeowner with equity in your home, you can use it to your advantage by taking out a line of credit. Interest rates are low, and it is tax deductible. If you are in good standing with your lender, you will be approved without a credit check. You are then free to use the money when and as you please.


  • Use a co-signer

If you are young and have not established credit or have poor credit, you can have someone with a good credit history co-sign for your loan. The co-signer must understand that should you default on the loan, he or she is responsible. That means your co-signer could suffer damage to his or her credit report. Before using this option, make sure your co-signer is fully aware of the consequences and fully assesses your ability to repay the loan on time.


  • Car title loans

A car title loan is a short-term loan secured by a vehicle. As a result, there is no need for a credit check. At Embassy Loans, processing is quick and easy, and borrowers can have access to much-needed cash within an hour. You must own a vehicle that is paid off or close to being paid off. Preferably, the vehicle is ten years old or less and in good condition. Because of the lack of a credit check, car title loans have become a popular borrowing alternative over the last decade.


There are many ways to secure loans even when you have poor credit or no credit. Car title loans, in particular, make great options for those who cannot obtain traditional loans, or who simply want the fastest and easiest option.