5 Ways to Effectively Save Money

One of the things that many American households are not very good at is saving money. If you are searching for the means to increase your savings, there are several different strategies. Here are five tips to saving more money. [continue reading…]

Can Your Budget Survive a Car Title Loan?

Budget-in-Line One of the best things you can do for your financial health is to establish a budget. Doing so allows you to see exactly where you are spending your money. Your budget can be used to help in making major financial decisions. There may come a time when you need a few thousand dollars and need it quickly. A car title loan could be the answer [continue reading…]

Seven Tips for the Holidays

The joy and excitement of the holiday season is upon us and with it can come some serious frustration. To get the most out of this special time of year, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are seven tips to follow to help you and your family celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. [continue reading…]

Tricks You Can Use to Save Money

The average American saves very little. In fact, we typically save less than five percent of our income and, at various times throughout history; we have actually dissaved, or spent more than we made in income. Many of us just do not know how to save, but there are little things that we can do that can help us put aside money for an emergency fund, retirement, a vacation, or any number of reasons. [continue reading…]

Is Your Budget Ready for an Auto Title Loan?

Budget-in-Line For many people, the only time they look at their budget is when they are getting ready to make a large purchase. When thinking about buying a car, for example, we take a look at the budget to see how much we can afford. Budgeting is not easy, and many have a problem staying within their financial means, but what many of us don’t do is consider the budget when taking out a loan. A car title loan is a quick and easy way to borrow money. Regardless of the type of loan, though, it is important to take a look at your budget and determine whether or not you have the means to pay it back. [continue reading…]

Simple Ways to Save Money

Save Money Whether you are on a successful financial journey or trying to right the ship, there are a number of things that you can do to save money. Anyone can take the steps necessary to start or continue down the right financial path. Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. Here are a few different ideas that may or may not apply to your situation and can be used to save money. [continue reading…]

Building a Monthly Budget to Avoid Financial Crisis

Budgeting Looking to get a grip on your financial well-being? It all starts with a budget that you and your family can follow from month to month. Putting together a budget can help you get control of your spending and keep you prepared in case of a financial emergency. Follow these easy steps to stay on top of your finances. [continue reading…]

Planning for Retirement

DrivingMyCar People are now living longer, well into their 80s and 90s. Most will retire in their 60s, meaning they will have another 20 to 30 years ahead of them. How will they pay for those years? It is important to begin planning for retirement as soon as possible. It is believed by many experts that retirees will need approximately [continue reading…]

Thinking About Saving Money? Here’s How

Save-Money If you are not, you should be thinking about how to save money. Too many people are unprepared for emergency situations and get themselves into financial difficulty by not having the savings necessary to get them through a tough time. If you have been thinking [continue reading…]

Car Title Loans Versus Payday Loans

2nd job In times of financial emergency, most individuals will have difficulty in trying to obtain a conventional loan from their financial institution. As a result, many turn to alternative forms of lending such as payday loans and car title loans. Both have their advantages. Here is a look at both. [continue reading…]

How To Plan An Effective Budget

No-job Budgeting, like anything in which you wish to achieve success, takes careful planning. If you were planning a great U.S. vacation to see several historical sites over the course of a week or ten days, you would not head out without some sort of plan. The same holds true for an effective budget. Here are four simple steps you can follow to create your very own successful budget. [continue reading…]

Online Car Title Loans – How They Work

dreamstimeextrasmall_38870077 Online car title loans are becoming more popular as lenders use the technology of the Internet to allow individuals to use their vehicles to borrow money. Companies like Florida’s Embassy Loans have helped thousands of customers access cash for a variety of things including home improvements, college, medical bills, and emergencies. Here’s how you can obtain an online title loan. [continue reading…]

How To Effectively Save Money

Save Money In trying economic times, many people find themselves attempting to save money. However, there are many individuals that seem to have little in the form of luck when it comes to saving. There are a few simple tips that anyone can follow that will lead to increased savings at the end [continue reading…]

Save Your Cash During Back to School Shopping

School Supplies It is that time of year again…time to send the kids back to school. If you are like most Florida parents, however, you may be struggling to make ends meet during this time of year. Going back to school can be expensive when you add in new clothes, school supplies, school fees and the additional burden of lunch money. [continue reading…]

How To Pay Off A Title Loan

Paid While not as common as conventional loans or even payday loans, car title loans have become a more popular method of accessing cash when all other forms of borrowing have proved futile. A car title loan is much different than more common forms of borrowing in that a vehicle is used as collateral. As a result of having collateral, [continue reading…]

Climbing Out Of Debt

Climbing Out of Debt The average household in the United States holds over $7,000 in credit card debt, but the average for households who actually have credit card debt is over $15,000. Almost 50 percent of all Americans have a balance that they carry from month to month on at least one credit card. What this means is that there are millions of people across the country in debt. [continue reading…]

When The Family Budget Does Not Work

Budget Does Not Work Family budgets are a great way to make sure that all of the monthly financial obligations are met as well as putting something away in savings for the future. A budget is a great tool for anyone looking to keep some form of financial discipline. What happens, though, when the budget breaks down? [continue reading…]

Debt Solutions for Florida Residents

Debt Solutions Americans have been struggling with debt for the last decade, with many being left unable to pay their bills or provide for their families.  Thousands have lost their jobs, their homes, or both since the recession began.  For many, it is still a daily struggle to climb out of debt one step at a time.  In Florida especially, even the most frugal individuals may have found themselves under a mound of debt for reasons out of their control. [continue reading…]

Postpaid or Prepaid Cell Phones


Today, practically everyone is mobile. In fact, a lot of people have gone completely mobile by disconnecting their landline altogether and just using their mobile phone. The cost for mobile phone service can get [continue reading…]

Increasing Your Buying Power

spending power

Just about everyone understands the fact that the more you buy of an item, the more you can potentially save per item. There is no place where this is more vivid than at the grocery store. You will notice promotions where you can [continue reading…]