Importance of Auto Title Loans

When there are major financial decisions to be made, people often seek out financial institutions for help. Ever since the economic downturn that started in the late 2000s, banks and credit unions have been much more stringent in their lending practices. Gone are the days of the no-income, no-asset loans, as well as loans for borrowers with bad credit. Without a solid credit history and a stable employment history, you are likely to be declined for a loan from your bank. That is why car title loans have become so important. [continue reading…]

Things to Consider When Choosing Car Title Loans

Title Loans vs Credit Cards Car title loans have become more popular over the last decade as an alternative to traditional types of lending. As banks and other lending institutions have tightened credit standards, borrowers have turned to other means of accessing cash in emergency situations. Car title loans are easy to obtain, and a borrower can have access to the money very quickly. Embassy Loans has helped tens of thousands of customers gain access to funds needed for a variety of purposes. There are several things to consider when choosing car title loans. [continue reading…]

Choose an Online Car Title Loan

If you have been researching car title loans, you know that they are relatively easy to obtain and extremely quick to process. Now, you can complete the entire process from the comforts of your couch or armchair. As one of Florida’s leading consumer finance companies, Embassy Loans allows its customers to complete the car title loan process online. Customers must meet certain requirements to qualify. [continue reading…]

Borrowing to Get Ahead with Car Title Loans

Money Lots of people say you shouldn’t spend money to make money. Those same people will tell you not to go into debt to help get yourself out. The truth, however, is rarely so simple. Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where the only way to get the money you need to bail yourself out of a jam is to borrow it. Big banks and large companies do it all the time, and they seem to be doing pretty well. Why shouldn’t you make the system work for you too? [continue reading…]

The History of Car Title Loans

Loan It was in the 1990s that car title loans first emerged in the financial world, opening up a brand new market to individuals who may not have otherwise had access to borrowing money. A car title loan is a form of secured loan where a borrower offers the title to his or her vehicle as collateral. [continue reading…]

Loans you can Obtain Without A Job

No job Most lenders will require that a borrower have a job in order to obtain a loan. It makes sense. A lender wants the borrower to repay the loan plus interest. Having a job and a steady source of income is how most people are able to make their loan payments. There are some loans that you can obtain without having a job. [continue reading…]

Title Loan Vs Pawn: What You Need to Know

pawn shop Getting confused when you hear people talk about pawning their car? Well we can understand why. Turns out a title loan and a title pawn are essentially the same thing. Some states refer to this type of secured loan as a title loan while other states refer to it as a title pawn. The reason this is confusing is because people always think of a pawn shop loan that you get on a valuable item like a watch. That kind of pawn is completely different [continue reading…]