The Advantages of Renting vs. Owning a Home

Home Mortgage While it still represents the American Dream, owning a home is not automatically the best option for everyone. There are a number of responsibilities that come with home ownership and, while there are some advantages, renting instead of buying also comes with its share of benefits. [continue reading…]

Apartment Living Doesn’t Need to be Expensive

Budget Apartment If you are currently living in a Florida apartment, perhaps living month to month on your paychecks, you are certainly not alone. When you live in an apartment, much like a home owner, there will be expenses that you may not always expect. From higher than normal energy bills to an unexpected car emergency, things can quickly happen to deplete the cash that you may have saved. [continue reading…]

Decorating on a Budget

Budget Decorating When it comes to decorating a home, most people really want to add a personal touch. After all, we all have different tastes and styles, and the right decorating can help to make us much more comfortable in our homes. All of this sounds exciting until you see how much some of the decorating items in stores actually cost. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can decorate your home without spending a ton of cash. Here are a few: [continue reading…]

The Top 5 Tips for Successful Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting It’s time to look for a new apartment. That’s an exciting prospect, but you have concerns. You worry about finding the best location, if pets are accepted and you fear the expenses of moving. How do you begin to shop for a new apartment with all of these unsettling thoughts? More importantly, will it be the right place and will you be able to afford it? [continue reading…]