What To Do If You Are Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure The nation’s homeowners are still reeling from the housing crisis that overtook the U.S. back in 2008. Six years later, the effects are still being felt as homeowners continue to face foreclosure in some of the hardest hit states in the country such as Michigan, Ohio, and others in the Midwest. What can one do if faced with the threat of foreclosure? [continue reading…]

Tips For Homeowners Who Cannot Make Their Mortgage Payments

Tips for Homeowners One of life’s biggest stresses is struggling financially to make ends meet each month. Usually, a homeowner’s largest monthly bill is the mortgage payment. What happens when a person cannot make that payment? The mortgage company reserves the right to take possession of a home when payments are not made. Most homeowners want to prevent that from happening but may not know what options they may have. [continue reading…]

Alternative Options When You are Facing Foreclosure

Protect Your Home For the past several years, the mortgage crisis has dominated the daily news cycle. Millions have lost their homes in the past decade or so and even today, though the economy is on an upswing, people are facing foreclosure. Foreclosure can definitely affect your credit future and can stop you from being able to buy a house for years to come. However, there are some alternatives when you are facing foreclosure that can not only save your credit, they can save your home, as well. [continue reading…]