Making It Through Unemployment

If you have ever lost a job, you know it can be difficult. While your source of income stops, you still must find a way to pay the bills. Finding another job takes time, so you might find yourself unemployed for several weeks. Here’s how you can maintain your sanity and get through this difficult time. [continue reading…]

In Between Jobs? A Financial Solution

The average person reportedly will change jobs an average of 12 times throughout the course of a career. In some cases, people change career paths altogether. In others, they simply move from one job to another. Whether it is a career change, promotion, or maybe even a layoff, the likelihood that you change jobs is high. That means you will likely also have periods of time where you do not receive a paycheck while in between jobs. While your bills will keep rolling in, your income will not. Here’s what you can do to help your financial situation while you wait for your next job. [continue reading…]

How To Find A Loan When You Don’t Have A Job

Unemployed If you know anything about borrowing money, you know that financial institutions like to loan to people who are going to pay back the money they borrow. What that means is that banks and credit unions prefer to lend to those who have the means to repay them. Banks and other financial entities do not normally lend to people who do [continue reading…]

How To Find A Loan If You Are Unemployed

Unemployed People who do not have a job cannot get a loan, right? Actually, if they have a vehicle with a clear title, there is some hope. Those who have lost a job for whatever reason may collect unemployment compensation, but those benefits are only a fraction of what they used to bring home. It gets very tough [continue reading…]

If You’re Unemployed, A Title Loan May Be The Answer

Unemployed The economy in the U.S. has been brutal over the past five years and has taken its toll on many families. Unemployment is still at historically high levels and creates serious financial problems for those affected by it. Losing a job is not only demoralizing emotionally; it creates a severe amount of financial stress when it comes time to pay the monthly bills. If you are unemployed and find yourself in this sort of situation, there may be a fast solution – a title loan. [continue reading…]

Financial Solutions for the Unemployed

unemployed There’s never a good time to be unemployed, but the slow economy and weak job creation rates make it particularly difficult to find work right now. As anyone who has found themselves unexpectedly without a job knows, the bills do not stop piling up just because you lose your job. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to get into a financial crisis without a job, especially if you are one of millions of people without enough savings to pay your bills. [continue reading…]

No Job? You Can Still Save Money and Make Ends Meet

Walking a Tightrope If you have recently lost your job, you are definitely not alone. Though the unemployment rate is slowly falling, it is still high enough to be fairly alarming. The worries you have when you are not working are very real worries, but thankfully [continue reading…]