Lower Your Electric Bill & Save

One of the costlier bills you may have in your home is for electricity. We all need lights, refrigerators, computers, and we use electricity to power all these devices daily. If you feel like you are spending too much on your electric bill, there are some things you can do to lower it. Check out these energy-saving ideas and see if you can implement them in your household. [continue reading…]

The Importance Of Paying Your Bills On Time

Paying on time Whether it’s the beginning or the end of the month, your bills must be paid on time. Your most important bill is normally your rent or mortgage payment. Not paying your rent or mortgage is a surefire way to wind up without a place to live. Likewise, when you don’t pay your electric or water bills, [continue reading…]

How to Pay the Bills after a Layoff

Pay the Bills After the financial meltdown that occurred here in America around 2008, the after-effects are still causing many families financial distress. Some of the country’s biggest corporations, including many of the auto giants and banking firms, have laid off thousands of employees over the past several years. [continue reading…]

When The Family Budget Does Not Work

Budget Does Not Work Family budgets are a great way to make sure that all of the monthly financial obligations are met as well as putting something away in savings for the future. A budget is a great tool for anyone looking to keep some form of financial discipline. What happens, though, when the budget breaks down? [continue reading…]

8 Ways to Minimize Energy Costs

thermostat Economic times are tough, and summer’s heat or winter’s chill can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Though going without air conditioning may be doable for some hardy souls, going without heat in the winter probably is not. The good news is you needn’t give up either to be able to make a significant difference in your next energy bill. [continue reading…]

10 Ways To Save On Your Utility Bills

Utility BillsUtility bills driving you crazy?  Did you get a surprise this month that you didn’t budget for?  Embassy can help you with an auto title loan to get that surprise paid off, but how do you keep it from happening again?  Here’s ten tips that may not seem like a big deal, but take them all together and you can save real money every month. [continue reading…]

Inexpensive Ways to Beat the Florida Heat This Summer

Keeping Cool Living in Florida in the middle of the summer, you likely know that the air is going to be hot and sticky and overall pretty uncomfortable. Though you know things will cool down over the next few months, you probably need relief from the heat now, but with limited cash, you may find that you don’t want to continuously run the air conditioning. [continue reading…]

Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

Air Conditioning If you live in Florida you know that air conditioning is a necessity, especially in the summertime! However, you probably also know that air conditioning costs can be expensive. The higher the mercury rises, the higher your energy bills will be. [continue reading…]