5 Hot Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Fixing Your credit If your credit rating is not that great, you are not alone. In this economy, a lot of people have credit scores that are not so hot. A poor credit score can affect your ability to rent an apartment, find a new job, and get approved for all sorts of loans. However, it is possible to improve your credit score over time. It will take some work and dedication on your part, but the results are really worth it. Here are some great tips on how to improve your credit score: [continue reading…]

Car Title Loans Provide Fast Relief for Cash Emergencies

Emergency Cash Whether the culprit is a car or home repair, medical expenses or one of life’s other little unpleasant surprises, there are times when having access to fast cash is essential.

While short term cash loans come in many different shapes and sizes, a person in need of emergency cash has essentially three choices: a car title loan, a pay-day loan and a credit card advance. [continue reading…]

Why You Don’t Want a New Car

Expensive New Car While it can be tempting to buy a new car when it comes time to replace your current ride, it can also be one of the worst financial mistakes that you can make. Yes the dealers will tell you that leasing cost you less, or that they can get you a cheap loan.  But none of that makes up for the cost of the car itself. Buying a new car means that you’re paying too much for something that you can find a lot cheaper. [continue reading…]

Top Five Reasons People Get an Auto Title Loan

In Case Of Emergency Ever think of looking at what’s in your driveway when you’re broke and need money fast? Your car can be a source of funding when the bank account is empty without going through the lengthy process of going through a bank – if you even qualify for a loan at a bank – or being embarrassed by asking family or friends for money. Embassy Loans are specialists at providing Auto Title Loans often within hours of applying. [continue reading…]

Never Miss A Payment!

Missed Payments “But I couldn’t help it”. Well, you might feel that way, but when you miss a payment, the bank or the utility company, or the landlord doesn’t care. You think that they are picking on you, or they are heartless, but the truth is you didn’t do what you promised; you said you would pay your bills on time. It didn’t have to come to this, however. [continue reading…]

Can You Afford A Loan?

Affordable Payments If you have gone to a traditional bank or credit union for a loan, you know they are looking deep into your history. They always very strict on the criteria for approving a person for a loan. They mainly pay attention to two issues: credit score and income. If a person does not appear to have the income to make payments, traditional lenders will have no qualms denying the application. [continue reading…]

5 Great Ideas for a Cheap Summer Vacation

Vacation Going on a summer vacation with your family can be a great way to create memories that last for the rest of your life. If you have kids, you know just how quickly they grow up, and it’s important to take every opportunity that you can to spend time with them. For a lot of people, taking a summer vacation means breaking the budget [continue reading…]

Don’t Break Your Budget!

Budgeting Budgeting your money is no easy feat, it can be a tricky task to keep track of your money and balance all of your debts and commitments. If you mismanage your paychecks and miss a monthly loan payment, it can hurt your credit rating and that will hurt you. With a little planning and a lot of diligence though, you can master your financial life. [continue reading…]

What is a Credit Rating?

Credit Rating Whenever you borrow money, or pay a bill, you add information to your credit history. Since there are so many of these transactions, it wouldn’t be possible for a banker to review each and every one. For that reason, the “credit rating” was invented. A computer reviews all of your bill paying habits and comes up with a score between 300 and 850 that tells a potential lender [continue reading…]