Top Five Reasons People Get an Auto Title Loan

In Case Of Emergency Ever think of looking at what’s in your driveway when you’re broke and need money fast? Your car can be a source of funding when the bank account is empty without going through the lengthy process of going through a bank – if you even qualify for a loan at a bank – or being embarrassed by asking family or friends for money. Embassy Loans are specialists at providing Auto Title Loans often within hours of applying.

The top five reasons people use an auto title loan are:

Medical Expenses
These can occur at any time either due to illness or injury. Unpaid medical bills can have an adverse affect on your credit rating and cause considerable financial harm that can last years. Doctors and Hospitals are not shy when it comes to turning bills over to collection.

New Apartment Deposits
Landlords often request first and last month rent along with a security deposit when renting out an apartment. An $800.00 dollar apartment can cost $2,400 to move in. This can be a tremendous hardship for some people to come up with at one time.

Moving Expenses
Moving often requires hiring a moving company or renting a van to move all of your belongings. Sometimes these things have to be placed into storage until another suitable place can be found. These expenses can start at several hundred dollars and go into the thousands for a long distance move.  That really can hurt a person who has little money to spend and might fall short of meeting all their other bills.

Vehicle Repair
Car problems can cost a lot to repair. Many vehicle owners usually are not prepared to handle this unexpected cost and need their cars to go to work or school. Something as simple as a new muffler system could cost hundreds of dollars to install. A transmission repair can be thousands.

Funeral Expenses
The price of even an inexpensive funeral can cost several thousand dollars. A loved one dying can be completely unexpected and cause a burden on family members to come up with the money to bury them.

Embassy loans can help you with emergency cash for any need provided you:

  • Own the car and have a clear title
  • Fill out an application online or over the phone
  • Be able to prove your identity (driver’s license will do) and current place of residence (simple proof like a phone bill will work)
  • Get the vehicle inspected at one of our inspection stations throughout Florida

Embassy Loans is an industry-leader in providing money to those who need a helping hand.  Give us a call or fill out the form above and let’s get started!