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Do you need a Cash Loan and have Credit Problems?
People with no credit or very high risk credit scores are normally turned away at a bank. Even if you are just starting out in life with zero credit, a bank can be a tough depressing experience. To get a loan with a bank, you will be required to provide detailed credit information, you will need to have a source of income including an employment check and of course, provide a history of your residence. The bank loan process is involved and time consuming. On top of that, the bank will not make a decision until they get every little piece of information they need. Even then, it could take weeks and if you do not meet their loan criteria – you will not get approved.

For people without credit, a car title loan is the swiftest means to get cash today!
A car title loan is based on the equity in your vehicle. The value in your car title is like cash in the bank and you do not need a credit check.  Best of all, when you get a Sunrise car title loan, you keep driving the car and you get the cash. You can even set the number of affordable payments (12 to 14 months) to pay off the loan.

Sunrise Auto Title Loans

Car title loans are a good option for people with credit issues. If you own your car with a clear title, you should consider a loan with Embassy Loans, a leader in car title loans in Sunrise, Florida. Embassy Loans is a Florida State licensed consumer finance company operating under Statute 516 [Consumer Finance] that specializes in car title loans. Embassy Loans is also an A-Rated company for over 10 years.

Embassy Loans can make getting a Sunrise car title loan fast and easy.  There are representatives ready to help and explain everything.

  1. Call us at 833-839-2274 to speak with a representative to answer some questions and we will let you know if you qualify
  2. If you do qualify, you simply complete the secure online application and submit the required documents to us to process.
  3. A quick look at the car to make sure it matches the title you are presenting
  4. Once everything is in order, you will have access to your funds right away.


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