Frequently Asked Questions

Lavonne_M “I Need Cash Today. Can You Help?”

Need cash today? Embassy Loans can help. Auto title loans are a very fast way to borrow money. No waiting for a bunch of strangers at a bank to decide. Fill out our application, we inspect your car, and you get your money. Most often, cash is in your hands only a few hours after you call.

“Why Should I Borrow From Embassy?”

There are a lot of title loan companies out there. Some won’t tell you where their office is. Others want to meet you in a parking lot and walk away with your valuable title. Many are just “match makers” that don’t make loans themselves, but want to introduce you to a company that does. All the match maker does is add cost to your loan. Worse, some loan companies trying to get your business aren’t even licensed by the state of Florida, leaving you without the consumer protection you deserve. Embassy Loans, on the other hand, is a real Florida licensed and highly rated for over 10 years. We have an office we would love for you to stop by and visit, and a staff of dedicated professionals that want to help their customers. Give us a call and let us show you the difference!

“What Is Required To Get Approved?”

Approval is simple! First, fill out our application, either online or give us a call and we’ll talk you through it. Next, you will need your title and 3 other simple documents to help us verify who you are and where you live. Lastly, you will stop by one of our over 20 inspection stations in Florida so we can quickly look at your car. That’s it. No waiting. No hassles. Just fast cash.

“What If I Don’t Have A Job, No Bank Account, Or Poor Credit?”

Your credit, your job, or the lack of a bank account doesn’t matter. If you have clear title to your car, 3 other simple documents, and are committed to repaying the loan, we can help you.

“How Much Can I Borrow?”

How much you can borrow depends only on one thing: the value of your car. We offer loans starting at $500 and go all the way to $10,000. Give us a call with the make, model, and year of your car and we can tell you how large of a loan you qualify for.

“Does My Car Need To Be Paid Off?”

Yes, ordinarily, you need a clear title. However, if you are close to having your current loan paid, give us a call. We may be able to help get your existing loan paid and get you cash from a new title loan.