Auto Title Loans Hialeah – Embassy Loans

If you have been thinking of seeking out a car title loan in Hialeah, but have been worried about the complications of putting your car up for collateral on a loan, fear no more. Through Embassy Loans, getting a car title loan is as simple as can be. Unlike banks, we base the value of your loan on the value of your car itself. The newer and more valuable your car, the larger a loan you will be approved for. This way, you don’t have to worry about a rough credit rating affecting your ability to find approval on a loan and to get the cash you need quickly.

We even let you keep your car once the loan is finalized, as well as the money we give to you. We will hold onto your car title until you pay off the loan, but with cash to get you back on your feet, affordable and manageable interest rates, and flexible payment period plans, you will have no difficulty paying off your loan and taking back full ownership of your car in no time!

Car Title Loans in Hialeah

When you apply for an auto title loan in Hialeah, you can be sure that the history you have had with your bank is not going to repeat itself. Often, customers come to us at Embassy Loans frustrated and exhausted from trying to secure loan approval through their bank. Banks and other loan companies are very cautious about giving out loans, since they want to be sure that their customers will be able to pay the money back in a timely fashion. In order to judge whether or not someone is worthy of a loan, banks look at credit ratings as one of their only means of judging a person’s financial reliability. Unfortunately, in today’s rough economy, poor credit ratings are seen all too often, and bank loan rejections have become every bit as common for struggling members of the middle class.

Luckily, when customers come to Embassy Loans looking for help, they can be sure that we will never treat them in the way a bank does. We prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, no matter their credit rating, and that is why we allow you to attain a valuable loan based solely on how much your car is worth. So come into Embassy Loans and apply for an auto title loan in Hialeah. With just a bit of paperwork, a few documents to prove your identity, address, and ownership of the vehicle, and a quick inspection to check the value and condition of your car, you can get the help that has been denied to you elsewhere.