Why You Need an Emergency Fund ASAP

Emergency Cash If you are like most people, you have probably heard that you should have an emergency fund set up…but most of us don’t. To many Floridians, it is hard enough to live pay check to pay check and adding that additional burden of saving for an emergency can be too much. However, you may want to find a way because you probably will need your emergency fund, or some type of money, in case something happens to you or your family.

Unexpected Expenses

One of the reasons that people choose to have an emergency fund is to deal with unexpected expenses. You never can tell when your hot water tank will go on the fritz or your car will need hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. This is why you should keep some money tucked away in a bank account or even locked away in your home.

Prepare for Setbacks

Another thing that your emergency fund can do is to help you to prepare for financial setbacks. Financial setbacks can come when things happen like unemployment, unexpected illness or accident and any number of other things. This fund can really be the difference between getting through a financial setback and the chance that you may be facing financial disaster.

Gives Peace of Mind

Finally, you will find that having an emergency fund will help you to have peace of mind. With an emergency fund, you will have the money put away that you may need in the future which will take pressure and stress off you, will help to minimize any strain on your family relationships and you can go into any situation knowing that you have a financial cushion that can help to soften the blow, in case anything unforeseen occurs.

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