Tips for Saving On Moving Expenses

Moving Expenses How much money does it cost to move from one home to another?  The answer is often surprising to many people who are buying or renting a new home.  Whether the move is local or states away, it is important to create a budget and know exactly what expenses will be incurred.  Packing, sorting, and transferring items from one location to another can really add up financially, but there are ways to offset these often unexpected budget strains.


1.  Packing.

Instead of buying packaging materials, try asking a friend or even a local business if they can provide boxes and other materials like bubble wrap and packing paper for free.  Check local office supply stores for sales and deals on packaging tape and any other essential items that are needed to safely pack up belongings for the move.  This step alone can help save hundreds of dollars!


2.  Movers.

While a full service moving company can assist with everything from packing at the old house to unloading at the new one, the expense of these services can be overwhelming.  Instead of hiring movers, enlist some close friends or family to help you in one or both of the locations.  Provide beverages and a meal to your helpers and it will still be cheaper than paying for professional movers.


3.  Truck Rentals. 

This step is often unavoidable, so it is important to be well-informed.  Having a safe, reliable truck with which to transport all of one’s belongings is essential.  So take the time to compare truck rental companies, read their reviews online, and choose the best deal while factoring in any additional fuel or mileage expenses, cleaning fees, and truck rental insurance.


4.  Short-term loan. 

Whether you choose to cut costs, or want to go all in with professional moving services, a great way to cover the cost of moving is a car title loan.  Embassy Loans offers fast and easy online car title loans which do not require a credit check.  These short term loans are perfect for a big move, because they remove the stress of upfront costs, and can be easily paid off in a few months.


Preparing for a move can be exhausting and overwhelming without a plan.  However you choose to cut costs and save money, be sure to know what expenses to plan for, down to the last penny.  Planning ahead is always the best way to ensure that you know how much cash is needed for the move and how to get it up front, such as a car title loan.