Living on Discounts


When faced with a budget crunch, the smart thing to do is to look for ways to cut down on monthly expenses. Now it should be prefaced that this is something that every individual should do, regardless of his or her current financial situation. Why pay so much more extra for something when you do not have to? Here are a few things that everyone can do to cut down on monthly expenses without having to do much sacrificing.

Eat Out Cheaper

Want to eat out? You do not always have to completely cut back on meals at restaurants. There are ways to still eat out while saving a lot of money at the same time. One place to start is with daily deal sites. Practically every city in the United States has at least one daily deal site. They can offer savings of up to 50% and sometimes even more for activities, entertainment, and dining. See what deals are being offered for restaurants in your area and take advantage of these offers.

Along the same lines, just change your dining schedule. Many restaurants offer early bird specials which are typically from around the 4 o’clock time frame to the 5 o’clock time frame. They often have special menus for early birds or offer special discounts for those arriving early.

Club Memberships

Take advantage of discount clubs. One of the most common and least utilized discount clubs is AAA (American Automobile Association). Yes, they offer discounted rates on automobile services and travel, but they also offer a lot of discounts for a lot of other things. Many businesses in local towns offer discounts to any cardholder.


Coupon books are another way to save that many local residents overlook. These are available at local grocery stores, hotel lobbies, and gas stations. They are usually free and offer hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars worth of discounts. In some cases, you have to pay for these savings, but the savings inside usually more than pays for the cost of the coupon book.

Another type of discount that is along the same lines as the coupon books is the local discount. Most people think that local discount offers are only available in tourist cities. However, they are actually available in practically every city. Just always ask if the establishment offers a local discount. Then just take note on the ones that do offer a local discount so that you can visit those establishments more often.

Bundle It

Finally, there are the bundled discounts to consider. Businesses have merged to form huge conglomerates. The idea behind this is to cut down on operational costs and then give the savings to the customers. One way that these savings are given to customers is by way of bundled discounts. Combine multiple products or services into one package and get a discounted price for all of the items combined.

Make an effort to always search for more ways to save. There is no reason not to. Sometimes the savings are so easy that you will be shocked that you did not do it sooner.