In Between Jobs? A Financial Solution

The average person reportedly will change jobs an average of 12 times throughout the course of a career. In some cases, people change career paths altogether. In others, they simply move from one job to another. Whether it is a career change, promotion, or maybe even a layoff, the likelihood that you change jobs is high. That means you will likely also have periods of time where you do not receive a paycheck while in between jobs. While your bills will keep rolling in, your income will not. Here’s what you can do to help your financial situation while you wait for your next job.

Choose a Car Title Loan

If you own a vehicle that is paid off, you can use it as collateral for a car title loan. These types of loans are usually for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars which you can repay over a short term, typically within a year. If it takes you two or three months to find your next job, you can easily pay all your bills for those months with the proceeds of a car title loan. Once the job starts, you can then begin paying off the loan as quickly as possible.

One of the big reasons why you would choose a car title loan is the ease and speed of the process. Embassy Loans, which has helped tens of thousands of customers, can process a car title loan in as little as an hour. Since you are offering your vehicle as collateral for the loan, there is no need to analyze your credit history. This saves a tremendous amount of time, and it also allows a borrower with poor credit the ability to borrow.

How It Works

Like any loan, the first step in the process is filling out the application. At Embassy Loans, filling out an application takes just a few minutes. You can complete it online, or customers can call and have a representative guide them through the application process. Once that is complete, all customers must submit a few forms of documentation. A driver’s license and the title to the vehicle are some of the documents that are needed. Embassy Loans will assess the vehicle for its value, and typically will use blue book values to determine how much a car or truck is worth. With the appraisal of the car done, the final loan agreement can be drafted and the money paid to the borrower.