How to Fight Financial Stress and Anxiety

Stress Even individuals who plan carefully for every possible scenario can be taken by surprise when unexpected financial emergencies occur.  There are ways to save and prepare for these situations, but sometimes financial problems are unavoidable, and they are often accompanied by overwhelming negative emotions such as fear and stress. Some of the most common sources of financial stress are illness and job loss, and people in these situations often find themselves feeling very alone in their problems.


In fact, financial issues are frequently the root cause of problems like stress, anxiety, or even depression.    People with high credit card debt or an ever-mounting pile of bills often feel too stressed to be able to solve their financial problems on their own.  Finances affect everything, from lifestyle to emotional stability, and it is important to react to a financial crisis calmly and without letting emotion get in the way of making sound decisions.


1.  Pause. 

Do not allow panic to take over; instead stay focused on each individual task that is needed.  Do not let the big picture become overwhelming; instead, take time to celebrate even the smallest of victories.  Every time a bill is paid, make sure to acknowledge the positive financial moment!


2.  Make a plan. 

It is important to maintain a clear head and take stock of the situation.  Taking charge in this way is a great stress-reducer because it allows individuals to feel in control instead of powerless.  Aim for efficiency with the new financial plan, and then commit to it wholeheartedly.  Look for new ways to save money like taking a walk instead of hitting the gym, cooking dinner at home as a family instead of ordering out, or playing a game instead of going to see a movie.


3.  Get help. 

Sometimes anxiety is rooted in the embarrassment people may feel when asking for help.  A financial planner can be a good way to get professional advice about a specific situation.  Another option is to relieve immediate stress by getting a short term loan like a car title loan.  Look for a loan company who is supportive and friendly, like Embassy Loans.  Their team provides a compassionate and understanding environment in which people can express their concerns and a way to get the cash they need immediately.


4.  Release.

Speaking with a counselor can sometimes be the best way to really address where the stress and anxiety are coming from, and how to manage them.  Being able to recognize and adjust harmful financial behaviors is one of the best ways to reduce stress while also changing a financial situation for the better.