Finding a Car Title Loan Company

Loan Sign There are a number of fast cash loans available on the market. These types of loans have emerged as a direct result of the conventional lending market becoming more hesitant to loan money. The economic crisis that started in our country in the aftermath of the bursting of the housing bubble led banks and other financial institutions to become more cautious in their lending practices. Individuals with sketchy credit histories are scrutinized more and only those with the highest credit scores and stellar payment histories can borrow money the traditional way.


The rise of non-traditional loans, like car title loans, is a direct response to the changes in lending over the past few years. Car title loans are available to virtually anyone who owns a vehicle. In exchange for the title, lenders will loan money with little regard to credit histories since the vehicle serves as collateral. At Embassy Loans, borrowers who own cars and trucks that are 15 years old or newer and in good shape can qualify. It is preferred that the vehicle be paid off, but those with equity in the vehicle can still borrow.


In order to find a reputable lender such as Embassy Loans, borrowers should follow a few simple steps.


  1. It never hurts to ask around. Ask friends and family if they have ever applied for a car title loan. If they have, ask about lenders and what they liked or disliked about each one.
  2. Search for lenders online. Do a quick search for reputable car title loan companies. If any of the companies match those that were used by your friends or family, make a note. Make a list of lenders that you will research.
  3. Do some further research on each lender that you have identified as a possibility. Make sure each company is legitimate. Confirm that they are licensed to do business by checking with your local or state government. Look for any possible red flags before deciding to contact the lender.
  4. Choose lenders to contact. Compare the offers from each before making a final decision.


Embassy Loans is one of Florida’s largest and most respected consumer finance companies. Thousands of borrowers have used the company’s services to receive emergency cash very quickly. With low rates, customized loan lengths, and the ability to provide same-day cash, Embassy Loans also carries an A higher customer satisfaction rating with the Yelp and Trust Spot compared to our competitors. If you need quick cash, call today.