Best Types of Loans to Get in a Pinch

At some point you, like many others, will be faced with some sort of financial eme Financial Pinch rgency. There may be an unexpected medical bill or an unexpected plumbing repair that needs to be paid but was unaccounted for in the monthly budget. When a situation like this arises, there are a few alternatives that one can use to help. Borrowing money is one such option.


Conventional Bank Loan


You can always visit your local bank or credit union and apply for a personal loan. You will be asked to fill out an application and then you will need to provide several pieces of paperwork so that the lender can determine whether or not you will be a good candidate for a loan. The bank will examine your past credit history to see if you pay your bills on time. The bank will also check to see if you have a job and how long you have been employed. Applicants who pay their bills on time, have a higher credit score, and have gainful employment make better candidates for bank loans. The entire process from applying to the time you receive your money may take a few weeks.


Car Title Loan


A car title loan differs from a conventional loan in that a vehicle is used as collateral. If you own a vehicle with a clear title that is paid for (or almost completely paid for), you could qualify for a title loan. Lenders, like Florida’s Embassy Loans, require applicants to provide a form of photo identification and proof of their residency. The title to the vehicle will be examined and matched to the vehicle that will serve as collateral. Embassy Loans will inspect the vehicle and determine its value. Once that is complete, the loan can be finalized, the terms given, and a borrower can receive his or her money. The entire process from filling out an application to receiving the money can take as little as a few hours. Most title loans processed by Embassy Loans are completed within an hour.


Payday Loan


A payday loan is similar to a car title loan in that it is quick. A borrower fills out an application, verifies his or her identity, and proves that they have a job. The lender will examine the paperwork, verify that the applicant does indeed have a job, and complete the loan process. A payday loan can often be completed in less than a few hours.