Affordable Fun At Home

Staycation When it comes to having fun, you do not necessarily have to travel far. In fact, you might be surprised at the number of things that you can do for fun that is literally just around the corner. On top of all of that, doing something close to home means that you can save yourself a lot of money. However, before you plan out your day, take a moment to do a quick inventory on the ways that you can save even more money on your local activities.

Find Out What is Local

Start by checking with your local convention and visitors’ bureau or with the local area Chamber of Commerce. A lot of people do not think to check with these local organizations because they believe that they are there for tourists and visitors only. The fact is, they are there for everyone, including locals. They often offer a lot of coupons and discounts for area attractions and activities and some even sell discounted tickets for these attractions and activities.

Credit Unions Have Ideas

A second place to check for savings is with your local credit union. A lot of local credit unions are partnered with area businesses to offer exclusive coupons and discounts for their members. While you do have to be a member of that particular credit union first in order to get the discount, the requirements are pretty minimal.

Get a Membership

A third way to save on activities is to look into the memberships that are available in your area. A lot of local attractions will offer annual memberships, which get you unlimited admissions to that attraction for an entire year for one set price. A lot of these memberships offer additional savings as well. Quite a few are partnered with other businesses to offer reciprocal discounts. Show your membership card to participating businesses and attractions and you will receive an exclusive discount.

Saving Books

Last, remember to see what is offered in local coupon books. Not every town has them, but quite a few of them do. Places to check are the grocery store, gas stations, and hotel lobbies. Most coupon books are free and offer hundreds of dollars’ worth of savings for area shopping, activities, and dining. There really is no excuse not to pick up one of these if available.

Finally, looking to do something special? Maybe an event like an anniversary or special birthday. Florida residents are lucky in that everyone is a short ride from the beach, and they are generally free. And if you need a little help with the meals and gas (or any other emergency cash needs), remember that Embassy Loans is there to help. Give us a call!