A Title Loan can help you get out of Financial Issues

If you are like most Americans, there will come a time when you are facing a severe financial emergency. In some cases, you can easily solve your problem by dipping into a savings account, borrowing from your parents or other family members, or maybe even taking out a personal loan at your bank. What if those avenues were closed? What would you do to save yourself and your family from financial ruin?

One solution is to take out a car title loan. If you own a vehicle, you can use it as collateral for a loan. Embassy Loans has been a leading provider of auto title loans for over a decade and has helped tens of thousands of customers handle their financial emergencies.

The process of obtaining a car title loan is very easy and fast compared to other types of loans. Interested parties begin by filling out an application, which you can do online. You will provide some information about yourself as well as about your vehicle. Once the application is complete, you will be asked to provide some documentation.

One of the most important documents is the title to the vehicle. Car title loans are processed much quicker when the title is free and clear of any liens. If you still have a loan on your vehicle, do not worry. It is still possible to borrow money for your emergency. Embassy Loans specializes in auto equity loans.

You will also be asked to provide some documentation that proves your identity and where you live. In most cases, a driver’s license and copies of a utility bill will suffice. Once verified, we must assess your vehicle for its value. We can inspect your vehicle in person, or you can complete your entire loan, including a vehicle appraisal, online. Certain requirements must be met in the case of online title loans.

Once we have established a value for your vehicle, we can draw up the loan agreement and get it finalized. You must sign the contract and then you are ready to receive your money. In many cases, we can process your loan in just an hour. The speed and ease of a car title loan is one of its many advantages.

Unlike loans from your bank or other financial institution, there are no credit checks. These loans are not based on credit, but on your vehicle. With less paperwork to do, lenders can process your loan quickly, helping to give you access to the emergency funds you need when you are in a time of financial difficulty.