Why Your Car Title Is So Important

There is only one thing that proves that you own your vehicle and it is not your good word or the fact that you have the keys. Your car title is the document that shows you are indeed the owner. That is why it is paramount to take good care and keep track of it at all times. Losing a car title can lead to some serious headaches. Getting a car title replaced can be a nightmare. You should keep the title somewhere safe with other valuable items in your home. If you do have a safe, that may be the best place to keep it. [continue reading…]

What to Look for When Shopping for Car Title Loans

The car title loan has become more popular over the last decade as an alternative to financial institutions and their tighter restrictions on borrowing. The financial crisis that rocked our nation in the late 2000s made banks and other financial institutions more careful with their lending. Thus, many individuals who could borrow pre-crisis, now cannot. Car title loans, like those offered by Embassy Loans, are a viable alternative. Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a car title loan. [continue reading…]

The Perfect Loan

Car Title Loan Trying to borrow money through conventional means these days is difficult. Because of the financial mess of the late 2000s, banks and credit unions have tightened up their lending standards, and often only the candidates with the best credit scores are approved for loans. What if you your credit didn’t matter? What if you didn’t have to wait several weeks before finding out whether a lender would approve you for a loan? It is possible for certain people. [continue reading…]

Break the Deadly Cycle of Payday Loans

Loans People who have borrowed money from a payday lender often find themselves caught in a dangerous cycle of using payday loans to take care of their finances. Payday loans are usually for a few hundred dollars and used by borrowers to pay rent, a car payment, or other bills. These loans are short term and are given based on the borrower’s paycheck. The borrower is basically getting an advance on a future paycheck, which he or she signs over to the lender. When the borrower gets paid, he repays the loan amount plus a fee. [continue reading…]

Aren’t Car Loans and Car Title Loans the Same?

A car loan and a car title loan are two very different types of loans. While car loans are almost a part of our everyday existence, the car title loan is not as widely known. Title loans have become more popular over the last decade as borrowers look for other means of borrowing money. Here are the key differences between these two types of loans. [continue reading…]

How to Use Your Car to Borrow Money

Borrowing Money If you were not aware, there is a way to use your car, truck, or SUV to borrow money. Sure, you can drive to a bank or credit union and attempt to borrow, or you can use your vehicle as collateral for a car title loan. Car title loans have become more common over the last decade as a way for millions to borrow. With financial institutions tightening up their lending standards, many borrowers have been shut out of the market. Now, vehicle owners have an alternative. [continue reading…]

Can Your Budget Survive a Car Title Loan?

Budget-in-Line One of the best things you can do for your financial health is to establish a budget. Doing so allows you to see exactly where you are spending your money. Your budget can be used to help in making major financial decisions. There may come a time when you need a few thousand dollars and need it quickly. A car title loan could be the answer [continue reading…]

Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Garage Door

In most modern homes, the garage door can represent as much as 40 to 50 percent of the front of a house. The door is also one of the first things people see when they pass a home. For those who live in a house built 20 or 30 years ago, there is a good chance the home still has the original garage door. Regardless of the age, there are a few signs that will signal a homeowner that it’s time to service their garage door. [continue reading…]