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It’s no secret that times are tough out there. While the economy has made strong and promising strides toward improvement in the past couple of years, the impacts of that improvement have not yet been felt much among the middle class. If you have found yourself struck down by these hard times lately and are in need of an emergency cash flow, you may find trouble finding help. Sure, there are banks and other lending businesses out there that have supposedly been designed to provide help to those who have fallen upon financial emergencies. However, if your money problem has been going for a while, you might not have the credit score you need to get a loan approval from the bank. And when you can’t get money help from the bank, where do you turn?

To Embassy Loans, of course! We offer car title loans in Lakeland to people like you, people who need some source of cash quickly and people who don’t have the credit ratings to support traditional bank loans. We don’t worry about your credit rating. Instead, we approve loans based on the value of your vehicle, so if you have a car that can still support a loan and the title to show for it, then Embassy Loans will be able to help you to get the cash you need.

Lakeland Car Title Loans Online Application

At Embassy Loans, we know that, if you are applying for a car title loan in Lakeland, there’s a good chance your credit rating isn’t great. We also know that you probably need money quickly, and with that thought in mind, we have made it possible for you to get approval on your auto title loan within just a matter of hours. At a bank, you could be left waiting days or weeks for approval or rejection to come through. When you truly have an emergency financial situation, you need cash right now, and we help you find it at Embassy Loans by making the loan application process as quick and painless as possible.

Want to get started on securing your car title loan in Lakeland? You can expedite the process by visiting our Embassy Loans website and filling out an online application. We will ask you just a few questions about your personal situation and about the car that you want to submit as collateral for the loan, then we will set to work getting you approved for a loan. With any luck, we will be able to have cash in your hands within a matter of hours.

If you’re scared by that word “collateral,” don’t be. We use the value of your car as the “credit” that backs your loan gives us the assurance that you will pay off the amount we lend to you. However, we don’t require you to give up the use of your car. On the contrary, while we hold onto your title, we leave the car in your possession so that you can get to work and continue living your life. We want to help you rebuild your life; not make it more difficult for you.

So if you need quick cash in Lakeland and are having trouble finding a lender, think of Embassy Loans. Stop by our website and fill out an application for a car title loan in Lakeland today.

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