Why Auto Equity Loans Are A Good Idea

Why Auto Equity Loans are a Good Idea

In case you’ve heard our commercials about auto title loans, you might wonder if title loans are a good idea. Automobile title loans have quite a few advantages that conventional lenders can not provide or will not offer. Normally, it’s hard to get qualified for a loan if your credit rating is not at least in the great selection. Whereas, here at Embassy Loans we do not base our loans on credit because loans have been secured by using automobile titles. Eliminating this measure permits creditors to accept more individuals and process loans quicker. Unlike banks which were known to take weeks to accept loans, Embassy Loans can process programs, accept loans and cover funds within 24 hours of receiving a program. If you think about how much easier it would be to be eligible and how fast you may get your cash, the information about title loans is beneficial and the decision is clear.

Listed below are only a couple of examples of advantages that our customers have come to rely on and appreciate.

Fast Money

In most cases, our customers are funded within 15 mins after being approved signed, via MoneyGram and paid instantly. If you choose our ACH options, it may take 1-2 days for your funds to clear your bank.

Keep Driving your Vehicle

The best thing about our auto equity loans is that you can keep driving your vehicle during the loan. Get a loan and still drive your vehicle! You will probably want your vehicle to make a living, and that means you’re free to keep on using your car or truck throughout the loan period.

Not Based on Credit Score

Embassy Loans does not base its auto equity loans on credit ratings since loans are secured. So, there’s absolutely no need to fret about your credit ratings.

What You Can Expect From the Loan Procedure

Our loan procedure is made up of

  1. Applying online or by phone at 833-839-2274
  2. Consulting a loan agent,
  3. Providing a few bills for address verification
  4. Qualifying
  5. Going over and signing the contract
  6. Pick up funds or via ACH

It is possible to complete our application online, with a follow-up call from one of our loan representative on the telephone.

After Our Application is completed

You will first get an email confirmation if your vehicle may qualify for a loan. You may expect to get a telephone call from one of our loan agents shortly after filling out our online application. He or she’ll confirm what you are approved for and will go over the loan procedure. They will confirm that you have a clear vehicle title to your car, which has to be paid off or nearly paid off, confirm you are at least 18 years old and a Florida resident.


Applicants must be ready to discuss how much they want to borrow, a couple questions regarding their vehicle and to supply a couple of documents for address verification purposes, like bills within the past 45 days.

Our contracts outline any agreements you might have discussed throughout your telephone consultations.


By placing our conditions and arrangements on paper, Embassy loans and our customers could be assured that they have the exact same understanding regarding loan obligations. Contracts have to be written to comply with state and federal regulations for automobile title loans. Legal arrangements may contain:

  • The whole quantity of money you’re borrowing.
  • Interest rates.
  • Any related loan charges.
  • Your payment schedule with payment amounts.

You ought to take some opportunity to browse through your contract carefully to be certain that the amount of the loan and interest rate complies with what has been discussed during your consultation. Please ask questions if anything appears confusing, therefore we are able to offer extra details regarding the loan conditions or fees.

After reading and signing our contacts, you are going to be requested to complete the legal requirements by simply turning over your electronic or paper title to Embassy Loans.


All customers get a loan repayment schedule in their own contracts. Your repayment program determines when the initial payment is expected, and consistently make your payments in time.

Car title loans have been processed fast and are simple to get. It is possible to spend your money on whatever you want or desire.