What to Do Before You Sell Your Car

Car You have a few options available when seeking to sell your car. There is the more convenient process of selling it to a dealer as part of a trade-in for a new vehicle. Trading in your car is also the least profitable method of selling your car. While selling the vehicle on your own will net you the most profit, it will also take you the most amount of time to accomplish. If getting top dollar for your car is worth the amount of time and the effort you put into it, then sell it. If not, trade the car in to a dealer. Either way, you want to prepare it for sale. Here’s how.


Check for Any Title Issues


First, you should have the original title proving that you do own the vehicle. The title should have your legal name printed on it and the correct VIN (vehicle identification number). If you have an outstanding loan and the lienholder is printed on the title, you will have a hard time selling the vehicle to a private buyer. You will have to find a buyer who is willing to allow you to use his or her money to go to your lender and pay off the note. Then, the buyer will have to wait for the new title to be delivered via mail. If you have any title issues, clear them up before selling.


Fix Mechanical Issues


Before selling, make sure there are no major issues. If there are, have them fixed. Get the oil changed along with a filter replacement. Make sure the tire pressure is correct and check all of the fluids. You will feel much better about selling a great vehicle, and the buyer will surely enjoy getting a car in perfect condition.


Clean It


Do yourself a favor and clean out the car before you sell it. No one wants empty water bottle, soda cans, and food wrappers in their “new” vehicle. Detail the car or truck the best that you can. Wipe down the dashboard and clean all of the windows. Vacuum the inside and wash the outside of the vehicle before giving possession to the buyer. Make sure that you remove all of your personal information as well.


Other Options


If you are selling the car because you need the money, you may have some alternatives. One is a car title loan. If you have checked and do not have any title issues, and the vehicle is in great condition, you can apply for a loan against the car’s title at Embassy Loans. The process is easy and quick and can be completed within an hour. Car title loans are not dependent upon a borrower’s credit, either, making it a good choice for someone whose payment history is not so great.