What Car Title Loans Can Do for You

Dentist Bills When most people think of car title loans, they think of an easy and hassle free way of getting the money you need to make ends meet. However, there are other reasons that people use car title loans and many of these people come right through the doors of Embassy Loans locations. Though you can use a car title loan for almost anything you can think of, some people have very specific reasons for getting this type of loan.

Dental Bills

If you have ever had a tooth that was hurting, you know that this is one type of pain that you can barely take the edge off of with over the counter pain relievers. Dentists, however, can be quite expensive. One gentleman recently came in and mentioned that he was going to use his car title loan to not only pay for the dentist to rid his pain, he was going to be able to save his tooth from being pulled. Thanks to the car title loan, he won’t have to go worry about a missing tooth, something that can be problematic. Another person that came in mentioned that she was going to use her car title loan for a retainer for her child’s teeth.

Household Emergencies

Another story about car title loans involves a frazzled looking man who rushed in the door, documents in hand. He explained that his hot water tank had completely broken down and the money he did have in his account was given to the plumber who only confirmed the worst…he needed a new hot water tank. These items can be expensive and you also need to get one quickly. Because you can get a car title loan in a matter of hours, he knew that Embassy Loans was the place to go.

Visiting Family

Finally, car title loans are not only used for emergency or medical situations, some people use them for fun too. A woman came in and mentioned that she was going to use a car title loan to visit family in Georgia for a family reunion. She was quite excited as she hadn’t seen some of the members of her family in decades. She said she just wasn’t able to make it on her own, but with her car title loan, she could travel north and make memories that will last a lifetime.

These are only a few of the many reasons that people get car title loans. If you are looking to get one on your own, make sure contact Embassy Loans to see if you qualify.