Three Easy Ways To Save More Money

debt-consolidating In our modern world, it seems like it gets harder and harder to save money. There is always a fancy new gadget that we think we must have. Saving money gets put on the back burner while we continue to spend to obtain gratification. What if saving money didn’t mean giving up designer coffee or canceling our satellite TV? Here are three easy ways you can save money each month.


  • What is one of the biggest expenses people face as homeowners? It’s the electric bill. Electricity costs have risen substantially over the past decade. You can save money on your monthly bill by simply replacing your existing light bulbs. Choose compact fluorescent bulbs, which use much less energy than traditional bulbs. You can also save by making it a habit to turn lights off when leaving a room and by installing a thermostat with a timer that will automatically adjust your home’s heat.



  • Put your money into a virtual piggy bank. Most transactions these days are not completed with cash. Most people are using credit and debit cards. Remember when you used to use cash and would come home with change? You probably put it in a jar or drawer somewhere and saved it. You can do the same even when paying with plastic. Certain large banks will allow you to create a virtual piggy bank where you can store your ‘change.’ When you fill your tank with gas and it comes to $28.29, your card is charged $29.00 and the remaining 71 cents goes into your virtual piggy bank. Some banks will even match your savings up to a certain amount.



  • Make the most out of your car. You probably do not need premium gasoline in your vehicle. Buy regular unleaded. Check your tire pressure consistently. You get much better gas mileage when your tires are properly inflated. Replace your air filter. A dirty one will lower your fuel efficiency. While you’re at it, check your gas cap and make sure it is not loose or broken. Without a proper gas cap, the gas in your tank can vaporize along with the money you spent to put it in there.

If your car is paid for and you have debts that need to be paid off, consider using your vehicle for a car title loan. You could consolidate your debt and have one much lower overall payment. With a car title loan from Embassy Loans of Florida for example, you could be debt free in a short period of time all thanks to your vehicle.