The Top 5 Tips for Successful Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting It’s time to look for a new apartment. That’s an exciting prospect, but you have concerns. You worry about finding the best location, if pets are accepted and you fear the expenses of moving. How do you begin to shop for a new apartment with all of these unsettling thoughts? More importantly, will it be the right place and will you be able to afford it?

First, Check Out the Neighborhood

Likely, the first question you will need to answer for yourself is where to relocate. Most helpful in determining the answer is to examine your priorities. Quite often, work or career is the first priority. Do you need to be close to your job or is a commute acceptable? Will you prefer to drive and is parking available, or is mass transit close by? Perhaps proximity to a park is a higher priority for you. Find the closest parks to an area you are considering. Or perhaps you would rather be close to shopping and restaurants. You would be more inclined then, to keep your new location as close those sites as possible.

Second, Take a Close Up Look at Your New Place and Your Budget

Once you have found the location to suit your needs, find an apartment best suited to your lifestyle and budget. You will want to make sure that all fixtures and appliances are clean and in working condition. Ask about all possible expenses outside of rent such as heating, cooling, utilities or any other monthly maintenance costs to make sure they will comfortably fit within your budget. Look carefully about the apartment, in closets and cupboards, at floors and ceilings for signs of proper upkeep and cleanliness.

Third, Make Sure Your Pet Will be Welcome With Open Arms

Always ask about your pet. Pets are accommodated in many apartment buildings, but most of those will have a pet deposit charge that will be in addition to your rent or lease deposit payment.

Fourth, Understand the Lease

It’s painful, but take the time to READ THE LEASE.  There are important rules in there, and important dates like when your rent is due, and any grace period.  In particular, note the day that you have to tell the landlord if you will be renewing.  That date (often 45 days before the end of the lease), is crucial if you want to stay.  Note any important dates and circle them on your calendar. Ask about any unclear language and in today’s market, you can try to negotiate the deposit or even the rent.

Fifth, Be Prepared

Moving can be a rather costly endeavor. Know that there may be expenses involved that many prospective renters are unprepared for. There will likely be a month’s rent or two required up front as deposit plus pet deposit. Utilities often require hook up fees and the first month’s averaged bill. Many prospective renters find themselves in need of emergency cash that will be necessary to cover moving and set-up costs. If that cash isn’t so easy to come by, consider that auto title loans provide solutions for those costs. If this sounds like your dilemma, consider Embassy Loans, the leader in car title loans to solve your cash need.