Should You Get a Second Job?

2nd job

For various reasons, many people eventually find themselves wondering whether they should take on a second job. Living costs are high, and a financial upset such as job loss or medical expenses can be a major setback to your budget. Even a happy event like a new baby can mean new expenses that you will have to cover. Or, perhaps you need to save extra money for a special trip or for college. Whatever the reason, here are some things to consider when deciding to get a second job.

Can You Get a Second Job, and How Much Can You Work?

First of all you should make sure that your current company does not have a policy against moonlighting. Some do – and you don’t want to put your first job in jeopardy.

Look at your schedule and your budget. How much additional money do you need to make in order to meet your goals? Also consider how long you will need the second job for – working two jobs is exhausting, and in most cases not a permanent solution. Also consider what hours you are available to work at a second job. You must make sure there is plenty of time left for sleep and some leisure time, or the stress of working two jobs will likely be too much.

Consider whether you can add extra hours at your first job – an easier solution in many cases than taking on a whole second job. Or, there may be something else you can change with your first job – maybe you are due for a raise or a promotion. Alternatively, maybe you can cut expenses from your budget enough so that your first job is sufficient.

Choosing Your Second Job

If you do decide that a second job is right for you, see if you can find a part time job that allows you to work from home – a job like this will allow you the most flexibility. And flexibility is essential, because you still need to put your main job and your family first. Avoid jobs that have a conflict of interest with your first job, and if your first job is a stressful one, look for a more relaxed job for your second job so that you are not stressed out all day long.

The second job will need to pay enough to be worth the long hours you will be working. Also make sure that you will have a day off from both jobs here and there. Leisure time is essential to maintaining your focus and performing your best.

Have an exit strategy – you probably don’t want to be working two jobs forever. Working a second job temporarily can be a great way to bring in extra income, but it can take time and energy to find a second job, and you will be spending long hours at work and away from your family. If what you need is really just some cash to get you out of a tight spot, consider other options, such as an auto title loan from Embassy Loans. This can be a much easier and quicker solution than getting a second job.