Saving on Gas

saving on gas

In this day and age the car is one of the most essential pieces of property that a person can own. For most people, their car gets them to work, to the grocery store, and everywhere else in between. We have become completely dependent on the car to get just about everywhere. The problem is this dependency comes at a cost and that is the cost of gas to run the car.

The price of gas has been steadily climbing each and every year and unfortunately, it is never going to go all the way back down to the price levels of just a few years ago, let alone a decade ago. There are ways, however, to save a little extra money on the total cost of gas which do not take much effort at all.

The Power of Credit

One of the most well known ways to save on gas is to get a gas credit card. These are reward-based cards. Instead of getting cash back or points though, a gas card gives the cardholder a rebate on the gas purchased. An example might be a rebate of 5 cents off per gallon when paying for the gas using the gas credit card. Some credit card companies even offer rebates on everyday purchases, as well.

Credit cards may not be the best option for everyone. Another option that does not require applying for credit is a loyalty card. With these, there are actually two different types of loyalty cards. One is a loyalty card that is issued by the gas company. These can be scanned before any purchase and the cardholder will earn points that can be redeemed as rebates at a later date.

Loyalty Programs

The other type of loyalty card is from the select partners of the gas company. In this case, the most common type of partnership is between a grocery store and the gas company. In this example, the loyalty card is scanned with every purchase at the grocery store. Points are earned for all grocery purchases. After a certain threshold is met the card can then be scanned at a partner gas company’s pump, which will then take as much as 10 cents off (or more) per gallon.

These are just a few of the ways to save a little extra money off of gas for your car. There are actually a lot of options available. That means there is no reason to ever pay full price.