Paying for Septic Maintenance Using a Car Title Loan

Homeowners that are not connected to a city sewage system connect to their own septic system. All waste waters from the home go to a tank (or several tanks) located either above or below ground near the home. Septic tanks need pumping once every three to five years to ensure proper operation of the entire system. Septic tank cleaning will vary based on the size of a tank and costs will usually run between $200 and $500. Often, homeowners will forget to budget for septic tank maintenance since it is not an expense that occurs monthly or even yearly. What do you do when your tank needs to be cleaned and emptied, and you don’t have the money? A car title loan can help.

A car title loan is a short-term loan secured by your vehicle. To qualify, you must own a car or truck, preferably less than 15 years old. It is advantageous is the car is paid off, but you can still take out a car title loan if you have a balance remaining on a car loan. At Embassy Loans, the process begins by completing an application either in person or online. The application is easy to complete and takes just a few minutes.

To process the loan, Embassy Loans requires some documentation. You must prove your identity (driver’s license), place of residence (utility bill), and show that you own your vehicle (title). Once you have passed all these verifications, your vehicle can then be evaluated to determine how much it is worth. You can check blue book values to give you an idea of your car’s value. With this step complete, all that is left is to draw up the final loan agreement. Once the agreement is signed, you can get access to the money and pay the bill for your septic maintenance.

The beauty of car title loans is that they do not require the lender to run a credit report. The loan is not based upon your credit history. Instead, the loan is secured by your vehicle’s title. Since Embassy Loans does not have to spend a good deal of time examining your credit history, the loan goes through much quicker than traditional loans from a bank. In many cases, borrowers gain access to their money in as little as an hour. Since most septic maintenance companies require payment upon the delivery of services, you should complete your car title loan before having your tanks cleaned.