Paying For Car Repairs When You Don’t Have The Money

Car Needing Repairs It is one of everyone’s worst nightmares. You are on your way to work and you end up stranded in the middle of a highway with a car that will not move. You are late for work and you go to the driveway and try to start up the vehicle, but it won’t start. Car troubles will ruin anyone’s day. Not only does it screw up your work day, but it also will require you to lay out hundreds of dollars to get it fixed. Most likely, it’s hundreds of dollars that you do not have.

So, how does one pay for car repairs without actually having the money? Well, fixing that vehicle is necessary because it helps you earn your source of income and you cannot lose your job. If you have a clear title for the vehicle, it can help you find the money to pay for it and help you keep that job.

With a clear title, you can do a car title loan. You offer the vehicle as collateral for a loan, which will allow you to pay for the repairs and get the car back on the road. Embassy Loans is a great example of a company that offers vehicle title loans. They will assess the value of the vehicle, which is easy these days with online value estimators. You will show them the title to the vehicle along with a form of photo identification and they can begin processing your loan.

The process is very easy, and once you have filled out your application, Embassy Loans will usually have your funds ready for you within an hour. Unlike personal loans from a bank or credit union, a car title loan does not require any lengthy background or credit history checks. There is no unnecessary paperwork that needs filled out. This speeds up the processing time allowing you to get your hands on the funds that you need.

An auto title loan works out for the borrower who gets the cash needed to pay for the car’s repairs. The borrower keeps the car and maintains ownership of the vehicle. Car title loans from Embassy Loans offer low monthly payments. Borrowers will have the loan repaid in a period of 12 to 18 months. The loan can be paid off early as there are no prepayment penalties. When you find yourself in an emergency situation, consider a vehicle title loan to help you get back on track.