Understanding Your Options for Short Term Loans

How-to When it comes to loans, most people’s knowledge is limited to the lengthier types of loans, such as bank loans or mortgages. However, a long-term loan isn’t always the best solution for a person’s needs. Short term loans, which are typically for a smaller amount of money and in many cases, have many benefits over longer term loans. Among the benefits are the fact that because they are paid off sooner, they cause less financial burden for the individual taking out the loan. In some instances, short-term loans also come with fewer restrictions and are readily available for those who need them.


Loans from Friends or Family


One of the simplest ways to get a loan is to negotiate a deal with friends or family members. The biggest benefit, of course, is that you are working with somebody that you know, and you have the flexibility to negotiate repayment on your own terms. The downside is that many people do not like to make financial arrangements with people that they have a personal relationship with.


Credit Cards


While most people don’t think of them that way, credit cards are in fact a form of loan. Those who already have credit cards may use them to take care of their needs in an emergency situation – for example, if they need to make tuition payment or if their car is in need of repairs. There are a few downsides, of course. Those who do not have a credit card already have no assurance that they will be approved for a card, and even if they are approved may not receive a card in enough time to get the money they need. Using a credit card to pay for an expense can also impact your ability to use the card later on down the line, especially if you have a strict credit limit.


Personal Loans


Short-term loans are available through banks and other lenders as personal loans. However, they may come with a few downsides. For one thing, the minimum amount that an individual may take out may be higher than they need. For another, banks typically won’t lend to you if you have bad credit or no credit. While this can be an option for some individuals, for most it is not the ideal situation when they are in need of quick money to pay for an expense.


Car Title Loans


Car title loans, such as those available through Embassy Loans of Florida, are becoming an increasingly popular solution for those in need of quick money. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is because car title loans don’t require you to have good credit. All you need is to own your own vehicle – typically one that is fewer than ten years old. You can receive up to half the car’s value from the lender and will be able to retain the use of your car as you repay the loan.


The important thing to realize is that there are solutions available when you are in need of a loan, but do not want to be paying for that loan for the long term. Always be sure to do your research and assess your options to find the solution that’s right for you.