Online Car Title Loans – Easiest Ever

Are you looking for a loan that you can obtain without leaving home? An online car title loan from Embassy Loans is the perfect solution. The entire loan process can be completed using today’s modern technology. There are just a few requirements that you must meet to qualify.


  1. You must possess a clear Florida title, meaning zero liens.
  2. Your vehicle must be a 2003 model or newer
  3. The vehicle must be in good condition
  4. The vehicle must have less than 170,000 miles on it

Other Requirements

To complete an online car title loan at Embassy Loans, customers must have a smartphone equipped with a camera, a tablet computer with a camera, or a digital camera that can connect to a computer. Customers must take a total of 15 pictures of their vehicle, which are then uploaded and emailed to an Embassy Loans representative.

The Process

Those interested in an online car title loan can fill out an application online to start the process. An agent will contact you, and they will ask you to supply a few forms of documentation. You must have the title to the vehicle, and it must be free of any liens. The pictures of the vehicle that are required will help to determine the value of it. Once a value has been figured out, the final loan documents can be prepared.

Why Choose Online Car Title Loans

The entire process of obtaining a car title loan is achievable from home. You do not have to meet with anyone or take your vehicle anywhere. The processing time is very fast, especially when compared to most traditional loans. Some of the processes are dependent on the borrower and how quickly they can provide the documentation and pictures necessary. Approval for an online car title loan can be achieved in a matter of days. That is much different than the typical personal loan from a bank that can take several weeks to complete.

Online car title loans also do not require a credit check. Since you use your car title as collateral, there is no need to examine credit, and because credit checks are unnecessary, the processing of car title loans is much faster than other types of loans. Embassy Loans offers traditional car title loans as well as online title loans. Whichever you choose, you will have access to the cash you need within a few days.