Making It Through Unemployment

If you have ever lost a job, you know it can be difficult. While your source of income stops, you still must find a way to pay the bills. Finding another job takes time, so you might find yourself unemployed for several weeks. Here’s how you can maintain your sanity and get through this difficult time.

Be sure to file for unemployment benefits if you are eligible. While you likely will not receive the same amount that you did when you were working, you will receive some income for a few months. You may be able to work part-time and still receive unemployment benefits. Receiving benefits can help weather the financial storm of a job loss.

Set a block of time each day to create solutions. Think of it as your job. Take a few hours each day and update your resume, search for new employment, and even update your work skills. Learn something new that can enhance your portfolio of job skills. This block of time is also important because it will make you feel productive at a time when your self-esteem is likely suffering.

Maintain a social life. Those who get laid off or fired from a job often feel ashamed and shut themselves off to friends and family. Socializing is an important part of staying healthy. Being around people who care about you is important and can significantly improve your emotional health at such a difficult time.

Exercise and eat well. Being unemployed is stressful. Exercise releases endorphins, which help to make you happy. Eating properly is another way to make sure that you maintain your health. The more you can do to lower your stress level, the better.

Consider freelance work. There are those that may be opposed to anything that is not a traditional full-time job. Those individuals may wish to change their frame of mind. Finding freelance work is relatively easy in today’s economy. It is also a way to boost one’s skills, resume, and earn some income. Freelancing could also lead to full-time employment.

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