Inexpensive Ways to Beat the Florida Heat This Summer

Keeping Cool Living in Florida in the middle of the summer, you likely know that the air is going to be hot and sticky and overall pretty uncomfortable. Though you know things will cool down over the next few months, you probably need relief from the heat now, but with limited cash, you may find that you don’t want to continuously run the air conditioning. Instead, try these less expensive methods to stay cool:

Go with a Fan
Fans these days are much improved from fans of the past and a nice one will even have things like temperature control. Though a box fan may seem like a good idea thanks to its large size, you can actually beat the heat more by installing ceiling fans or even using the power of a tower fan. You can find a great fan for about $40 and they don’t use up nearly as much power as an air conditioner.

Run the Blower, Not the Air Conditioning
Another option that can save you money in the heat of the day is to simply run the blower on your HVAC unit and not the actual air conditioning. This will bring air in, circulate it around and even bring a nice cool breeze throughout the home. Though it won’t be as cool as the air conditioner, it will still bring some much needed relief…and cost a lot less.

Spend More Time on the Shaded Patio
If you have a shaded patio in your home, you will find that it can be at least 10 degrees cooler, if not more, than in the main part of the house. This may be a great time to work on projects that you have been putting off or simply make a hang out area for you and your family.  You can work on crafts, watch television or simply read. This is a much better idea than spending $100s on the air conditioner.

Take Some Time to Visit Friends or Family
Odds are, if you don’t want to run your own air conditioner, you have friends or family who are running theirs. This is a great opportunity to visit them and catch up. Not only will you be able to hear the latest gossip, you will also be cool as a cucumber.

Finally, if none of these are really an option and going without an air conditioner is just not an option, contact Embassy Loans and get the money you need to pay for your A/C for the rest of the summer.