How To Pay For Home Repairs

Home Repairs When you become a homeowner, you also become a home renovator. No matter what home you purchase, there always seems to be a project or two that you will undertake to improve upon your home. The improvement may be an upgrade of a kitchen or remodeling a living area or bathroom. Whatever the project, there will come a discussion of how to pay for it all.


There are several options when it comes to financing a home renovation. One is to have saved and pay for the entire project at once. This is unlikely in most cases and, as a result, most will look to borrow. There are home equity loans and other types of personal loans that homeowners may be able to secure. Those types of more traditional loans have stringent qualifications and are not available to everyone. A bank will want to know exactly what the money is for and will require mounds of paperwork before it even thinks about approving someone for any loan.


For those who have a less than respectable credit history, traditional borrowing is difficult. If you own a vehicle, though, you may be in luck. While not as well-known as conventional loans, a car title loan is an option for those who own a vehicle with a clear title and have a poor credit history. A car title loan works just like any other loan except the amount that can be borrowed is dependent upon the value of the vehicle a person uses for collateral.


Potential borrowers who own a vehicle with a clear title and have an interest in obtaining quick, easy cash to pay for their home renovations can fill out an application with a title loan company. At Embassy Loans, a Florida-based lender, applicants can fill out an application online or at any one of their convenient locations. When finished, applicants must provide a few forms of documentation like a photo ID, proof of residency, and the vehicle’s title.


Embassy Loans, like other title loan companies, will verify a borrower’s identity and residency and then make sure that the title matches the car to be used as collateral. The car is then assessed for its value. This is important because it determines how much can be borrowed. When the value of the car or truck is established, the terms of the loan can be finished and a borrower can receive his or her money. The entire process normally takes an hour. There are no lengthy credit checks or other paperwork and borrowers can have access to the cash they need to pay for their home renovations.