How To Pay For All The Things You Forgot When You Bought Your House

Home You’re a first time homebuyer and you put everything out on the table to get into this house. You were somehow able to secure a mortgage, and now it’s time to move in. You would love to enjoy your first month in your new home, but someone forgot to tell you about the deposit that you might need to have your electric service turned on. You may need a few new appliances, and Internet and cable service can add up to a major necessary expense. All of these seemingly small incidentals can build up, and when you have extended all of your credit, where do you turn?


For all of the small things that you forgot when you bought your house, there is a way out. Of course you can always borrow from the family, but to prove that you are truly independent and in control, consider a car title loan. The bank that just extended you a large amount of credit most likely will be unwilling to lend you more. So, if you have a vehicle with a clear title, use it to your advantage.


Car title loans use a vehicle as collateral in exchange for loaning smaller amounts of money. Normally an auto title loan is extended in amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars. The process of obtaining this type of loan is very easy. Potential borrowers will fill out an application first. At Embassy Loans, one of Florida’s leading title loan companies, applicants can fill out an application online or at one of the companies many convenient locations.


After the application is completed, applicants must verify their identity and residency and they must present the title to the vehicle. The vehicle must be inspected. Embassy Loans will check to make sure that the title matches the vehicle first and then will assess the vehicle’s value. Once a value has been determined, the final terms of the loan can be drawn up. The loan amount, length of the loan, and payment are all finalized. All that is left is for the borrower to pick up his or her cash.


The entire process is usually completed the same day the transaction is started. A car title loan is an easy way to access the cash you might need for all of those extras that you didn’t plan on when you bought your first house. Be sure to have a plan to get the title loan paid off as quickly as possible and enjoy your new home.