How To Get A Loan With Bad Credit

Bad Credit Hurts When your credit history is suspect, it can cause a lot of problems, especially when it comes to borrowing money for a car or a house. A poor credit history can also affect your chances of landing certain jobs and securing lines of credit. A bad credit score will have an impact on your financial future, whether you know it or not. Even so, it is still possible to borrow with a sketchy credit background.

Car title loans are not as common as a typical bank loan or payday loans, but they may be the perfect solution for someone who needs cash quickly and has a poor credit history. Unlike traditional loans from a bank or a credit union, the approval of a car title loan is not dependent on a lengthy background or credit check. In fact, securing a title loan is much easier, and quicker, than obtaining a conventional loan.

To obtain a car title loan, a borrower must have a vehicle with a clear title. There are some cases where a loan can still be processed if the borrower has the vehicle almost entirely paid off, but a clear title is necessary. To start the process, a borrower can fill out an application. At Embassy Loans of Florida, for example, borrowers can fill out the application online or they can visit one of their many locations around the state.

Once the application is complete, a borrower must present the title to the vehicle, a piece of photo identification, and proof of residency. Embassy Loans will verify that the title matches the vehicle and then will assess its value. This assessment will determine how much can be borrowed. Once this step is complete, all that is left is for the borrower to pick up his or her money.

Normally, this entire process at Embassy Loans can be completed within an hour and many title loans are processed and the money is received the same day. Because the vehicle is offered as collateral, there is no need to examine one’s credit history or employment history. Without all of the time and paperwork or a conventional loan, borrowers get access to the money need very quickly.

A title loan can be the answer for someone desperately in need of cash but has a poor credit history. A person’s credit rating is not even taken into account in the processing of a car title loan, allowing access to much needed funds.