Groom’s Guide To Wedding Costs

Bride and Groom in Car For the groom, a wedding can seem intimidating and alien. Many brides prepare for their weddings all their lives, and there are many traditions that grooms may not be aware of. While traditionally the funding of the wedding would be paid by the parents, today more couples are having to put up the cost of their wedding themselves. This means that a lot of new couples are starting their lives out in debt. By using some cost-cutting measures and keeping realistic expectations, a groom can help his beloved bride have the day of her dreams without breaking the bank.

The first of the costs that a groom has to prepare for are the rings. Wedding rings will are usually expensive, though not as expensive as the engagement ring. Wedding rings sometimes are inherited through the family, which can be the best way to get them because they will be of good quality and also have good meaning. If wedding rings need to be purchased, the groom and his bride-to-be should visit multiple stores and always keep in mind that price is not the only indicator of quality.

After the rings, the groom needs to consider the costs for the bridal party and the groomsmen. Depending on how extravagant the wedding will be, it may be necessary to put up some of the costs for the bridesmaid’s dresses and the groomsmen’s outfits too. If it’s a simple wedding, these costs will usually be covered by the guests themselves.

The rehearsal dinner will cost quite a lot, so it should be shopped around to many different venues. It’s often that the bride will want a specific venue, though, so cutting costs will mean cutting seats. The best way to save money on a wedding is to invite less people. If that is not possible, you and the Bridge will have to discuss going a bit move downscale on this restaurant, or even decide to have the dinner in a friend or family home.

The wedding and reception dinner will require the church, the reception hall, gifts, centerpieces, and the food & bar . While this can be a huge expense, it is usually the responsibility of the Bride’s family. Often today, however, that responsibility falls on the new couple, so make sure there is a clear agreement about these expenses at the start of the wedding planning.

Finally, there is the cost of the honeymoon. Cutting costs on a honeymoon is very similar to cutting vacation costs. Choosing a cheaper, but fun, destination may be the best way to cut costs on the honeymoon, though many believe that cutting costs on the honeymoon is less preferable than cutting costs on the wedding itself. A honeymoon can also be put off until the couple is more financially stable, though this isn’t quite as romantic.

The final cost of the wedding should be all of these items added together, and the groom should be mindful that these things often go over budget. Even when cutting all possible corners, there’s always the possibility that something will go wrong, or something will change last minute. These things should be planned for by putting a little extra room in the budget.

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