Get Your House Ready for Winter

Winters in Florida are nothing like what others around the country must go through, but homeowners still need to take some time to winterize their homes. It pays to prepare even against the relatively mild winters of the South. Whether you are having relatives for the holidays or even leaving on vacation for a few weeks, there are a few steps you can take to get your home ready for the winter.

  1. Inspect your roof, gutters, and downspouts.

If you have any cracks in your roof or clogged gutters, you may be in for some damage if a storm hits. If you are not comfortable with getting up on your roof, call a professional to come in and check for damage. Clear your gutters of all obstructions and make sure the downspouts are free from debris. Make sure the downspouts lead far away from the foundation of the home.

  1. Check windows and look for any cracks or holes inside and outside of the home.

You want to make sure that your home is sealed up both inside and out. Warm air from inside the home can escape through windows or any cracks or holes inside the home. Check all of your windows to see that they are properly sealed. If you do find any holes or cracks, a caulking gun can be used to fill them up. Be sure to check all vents and pipes that lead to the outside of the home. Make sure they are sealed to prevent warm air from escaping.

  1. Check your heating system.

A Florida winter is nothing like what homeowners in the Midwest experience with below freezing temperatures and piles of snow. Still, it is a good idea to look over your heating system to make sure it is in good condition for the winter. Inspect the unit for any signs of damage. You should also check out your ducts and the unit’s filter. If you haven’t changed the filter for a while, it is good idea to change it as it can help your heating system run more efficiently.

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