How to Get a Car Title Loan Online

The market for car title loans has increased dramatically over the past decade. In the past two to three years, the market has continued to grow as more lenders, like Embassy Loans, allow borrowers the capability to complete the entire car title loan process online. Here’s how you can obtain a car title loan online from Embassy Loans.

Get Started Today

When visiting the Embassy Loans website, navigate to the online application for a car title loan. The application takes just a few minutes to complete. Embassy Loans needs some information about you, where you live, and about your vehicle. Remember, the more equity you have in your car or truck, the easier it will be to process your loan.

Your Vehicle

To complete an online car title loan at Embassy Loans, you must have a vehicle that is a 2003 model or newer. It must have less than 170,000 miles and must be in good condition. You must possess the title to the vehicle, and the title must be free and clear of any liens.

Assessing Your Vehicle’s Value

One of the advantages of completing the loan process online is that you do not have to visit a vehicle inspection station. Instead, you must assist Embassy Loans in the evaluation of your car or truck. You must have a smartphone or tablet that is equipped with a digital camera or have a digital camera and the capability to upload photos from the camera to a personal computer.

You must be able to follow directions and take a total of 15 pictures of your vehicle. Once you have the pictures, you will be responsible for uploading and emailing them to Embassy Loans. You must have a little technical savvy to complete this step. The pictures will help Embassy Loans determine the value of your vehicle, which is a key step in developing the final loan agreement.

Processing and Completion

Completing your car title loan online can save you time and help you get your money very quickly. Embassy Loans can process car title loans in as little as an hour. Customers can then receive their money via check or even direct deposit. In completing the entire process online, the customer plays a role in how quickly it is completed. Remember, customers are responsible for aiding Embassy Loans in assessing a vehicle’s value. The sooner a customer completes this step; the faster the loan is processed.