Fix Your Credit Score with an Auto Title Loan

fix credit If you have been unable to borrow money to buy a home or a car because of a poor credit score, you may want to start working on repairing your credit history. A low credit score can be detrimental in a lot of ways and even prevent you from getting a job. You should first understand how your credit score is determined. Then, you can work on fixing it.

How Is A Credit Score Calculated?

A person’s FICO score, or credit score, is developed using a rating system established by Fair Isaac & Company (FICO). The rating system takes into account a person’s payment history, the number of open lines of credit, and any negative factors like repossessions or bankruptcies. Using a complex formula, a person is given a score between 300 and 850. Higher numbers, of course, represent those who repay their debts and do so on time.

Revolving Debt

Many people have a few credit cards that will show up on their credit reports. If you have a few that have a limit of $5,000, for example, and you have used $4,500 of that limit; that can be detrimental to your credit. Most people in that situation cannot afford to pay the balance off and continue to carry that debt month after month. This can do some damage to a credit score.

Use A Car Title Loan

You can use a car title loan to help pay off some of these debts and improve your credit score. Using the above example, when you pay off the $4,500, your credit score benefits. The more debts you pay off, the higher your credit score. You can obtain an auto title loan at a company such as Embassy Loans. The process is very easy. Potential borrowers fill out an application, which takes a few minutes, to start the process. After verification of identity and residency, the vehicle being used as collateral is assessed for its value.

Once the vehicle’s value is determined, the loan terms are finalized and the borrower can pick up his or her money. The entire process is usually completed within an hour. As an added benefit, the borrower’s credit history plays no role in qualifying for the loan. The borrower can then take the proceeds and work on paying off debt.

Paying off the car title loan will also impact a person’s credit score. Repaying the loan reflects on a person’s ability to repay debts. Repaying the car title loan then has a positive impact on that person’s credit score.