Don’t Move Back In With Your Parents

Foreclosure You have been living on your own for a while after graduation from college. Things have not been quite what you expected though. Your bills are starting to add up and, this month, you find yourself struggling to make all of your financial obligations. The dreaded thought of moving back in with your parents comes to mind, but you counter with a few ideas.


  1. Get a roommate. Your apartment could actually have two bedrooms, even though it is pretty small. There are plenty of others out there that may be experiencing some of what you are. Find one of them and add them as a roommate. You will instantly split your rent payment in half freeing up a nice chunk of cash each month to help with other expenses.
  2. Start a budget. Because you are experiencing financial difficulties, it is probably safe to say that you do not have a budget. Start making one. This will help you cut out all of your unnecessary spending. After cutting out all unnecessary spending, if you find that your income does not cover your bills then you need to read No. 1 again and get a roommate.
  3. Take out a car title loan. As a young independent experiencing some money problems, it is also probably safe to say that your credit score is not excellent. If you decide you might want to borrow money, a traditional loan will most likely not be possible. If you happen to own a car, then a car title loan is much more probable. The car needs to be paid off and if it is, it can be used as collateral. A title loan company like Embassy Loans of Florida will examine the borrower, the title, and the vehicle and decide whether to grant the loan. Processing normally only takes a day or two and then borrowers receive their money.


If you do own a vehicle that is completely paid for and opt to do a car title loan, it is important that you have a plan to repay the loan. Car title loans are normally for sums between $600 and $5,000 and are for very short terms. Borrowers should not miss payments and make every attempt to pay down the principal of the loan as fast as possible.


Getting a roommate, starting a budget, and taking out a car title loan are a few of the things that you can do to avoid having to rely on the parents to bail you out of sticky financial situation.