Don’t Give Your Title to Someone Who Meets You at McDonalds

Title Loan in Fast Food Parking Lot There is a new trend, it seems, in the title loan business. Companies are springing up everywhere offering to “Come to you” to write up your title loan. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? They will meet you at a local coffee house, and minutes later you drive away with cash in your hand. Well, there is a problem here.

Remember, your title is a valuable document. When you get a title loan, you turn that document over to the loan company. Bottom line? They trust you to pay back the loan and you have to trust them to return the title. Before the loan is done, the loan company will know a lot about you; where you live, where you work, etc. What do you know about them?

Well, if you are dealing with a title loan company with an office in Florida, and licensed by Florida, your trust level should go up. If there is any sort of problem, you know exactly where to go to work it out (their office).

Now, think for a moment about that great loan you found on the internet. Funny, the web site didn’t mention an office location. They said they could meet you at a local restaurant right after work to get the deal done. Sounds good, unless this guy doesn’t have an office (and perhaps isn’t even licensed). Giving your valuable title to a stranger in a parking lot is never a good idea. Yes, you got some money, but the title to your car is more valuable, and a stranger with no address just drove away with it.

At Embassy Loans, we do our best to make this process as convenient as possible for you. We always, however, ask you to have your car inspected at one of our offices or inspection stations. Those office facilities should give you a comfort level that you know who you are dealing with and exactly where to find us if you need to. We think any title loan company owes you an address, a phone number, and a state license number before you hand that title over. There are some things that you just shouldn’t buy from a stranger in a parking lot, and a title loan is one of them.